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Dan’s Comp Flatware Giveaway

Dan’s Comp teamed up with their flatland rider Terry Adams to give away a Flatware kit, frame, forks and bars, to one lucky winner. If you would like to enter, simply click here, fill the form and you are in.

Dakota Roche Welcome To Dan’s Comp

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Dakota Roche – More BMX Videos

With this welcome to the team edit Dakota Roche officially joins the Dan’s Comp Pro team. Dakota sure is one of those guys when it comes to some serious stuff everything looks so easy and clean like it was nothing. Click play and enjoy.
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New Dan’s Comp Catalog Online

Dan’s Comp’s new catalog, with Chad Kerley throwing his bar on the cove, is online now. You need to click on the above photo and you will be redirected to the catalog. Check it out.

Dan’s Comp – Stevie Churchill At Cherry Park

Stevie Churchill recently visited Long Beach California to film some stuff for Dan’s Comps upcoming full length DVD. Before the real deal began, Stevie went to Cherry park to warm up. If this is only warming up I can not even imagine what his section will look like in the DVD.
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Kink At Dan’s Comp Photos

Last Friday Kink crew stopped by Dan’s Comp for their “What Part Of The Country Is This” tour, where plenty of awesome shredding went down from the pros and locals. Dan’s has all bunch of great photos from the session, so click here and check them out.

Kink “What Part Of The Country Is This” Tour – Dan’s Comp Stop

Take a peek at the edit Andrew Gray put together from the stop that Kink crew made at Dan’s Comp for their “What Part Of The Country Is This” tour.

“Thanks to Dan’s Comp and Kink Bike Co. for putting on an awesome event. We traveled the 3 hr trip down to Mt. Vernon and it was well worth it, it looked like rain all day but the weather held and everyone had a hell of a time as a result. The Kink team was shredding like all afternoon with Chris Doyle, Sean Sexton, Tony Hamlin, Lloyd Wright, Aaron Smith, Ben Hittle, Kc Badger, and Jay Roe in attendance plus a lot of the Dan’s Flow team from around the area and a ton of other local shredders made up the mix. In this video you can also see riding from Austin Zentmyer, Michael Barrow, Mitchell Kent, Bub Finney, and Zack Hatcher. Thanks again to both companies for putting on such a chill event out in southern Indiana and to everyone that threw down for my camera even as they were putting up the ramps.”– Andrew Gray
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Kink Demo At Dan’s Comp

“Demo days at Dan’s Comp continue! This Friday, July 13th, the entire Kink Pro team will be at Dan’s Comp for a full-on session, autographs, free Kink and Dan’s stuff and guaranteed good times! The Kink squad consists of some heavy hitters, including Sean Sexton, Darryl Tocco, Chris Doyle and Kink/Dan’s Comp team dude Tony Hamlin. If you’re within striking distance of Southern Indiana, try to make it out!”Dan’s Comp

Tony Hamlin “Solace” Interview

Dan’s Comp sat down with Tony Hamlin to talk about the long awaited Solace Line, frame, bar and seat, from kink that just came out. Find out why it took so long to came out, what’s the story behind the name, how his year’s been so far and more.

Chase Dehart Dan’s Comp Ad

Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad, that can be found in the latest issue of the DIG magazine, features Chase Dehart with a stylish downside tailwhip.

Dan’s Comp – Trey Jones

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Trey Jones – More BMX Videos

One of Dan’s Comp’s newest members, Trey Jones, gets fast and gets technical in this new quick edit for the sponsor filmed at Midtown Skatepark in Orlando, Florida.
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