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Killjoy Full DVD

Killjoy DVD was the 2011 NORA Cup video of the year and if by any chance you still didn’t saw this video yet, now is your chance and you must do it immediately, because it is pure fire, from the first second to the last second. Full section from Elf, Cameron Wood, Dave Thompson, Rob Wise, Tate Roskelley, Matt Beringer and Mike Aitken. I will definitely give it another watch this weekend. Seen on TCU.
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Shitteeth Edit

Shawn Elf Walters has been collecting all these clips over the past couple of years and never used them in an edit or any other project. There is so much good stuff in here, funny, original, crazy and wild. That clip from Matt Beringer riding his indoor bowl on a custom bike/skate setup looks so much fun. Featuring Dave Thompson, Matt beringer, Cam wood, Tate Roskelly, Shawn Elf walters, Rob Wise, Mike Szczesny, Calvin Krey, Richard Fox, Jordan utley, Steve bankroft, Cam Giles, Clint Peters, Colton Dale, Trent Steel, Greg Ingersoll and Casey Barrett.
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Dave Thompson Verde Ad

Verde’s latest print ad from the 168th issue of the Ride UK magazine features Dave Thompson and their top of the line complete bike, the 2013 Luxe. Check full ad after the jump.
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Revolt Santa Ana Riverbed Jam

Highlights from what went down at the last Revolt Jam in Santa Ana featuring Andrew Castaneda, IZ, Dakota Roche, Brad Word, Jamen Carr, Tito Ortega, Diego Vourakis, Zack, Juan Guerrero, Cody Walker, Eric Walker, Terry Hunter, Dave Thompson and more.

2012 NORA Cup Winners

And we have the winners of the 2012 NORA Cup awards.
The Number one ramp rider is Drew Bezanson, Number one dirt jumper is Mike “Hucker” Clark, Number one flatlander is Yohei Uchino, Number one street rider is Garrett Reynolds (above), Number one racer is Sam Willoughby, Number one video part went to Dave Thompson and Number one video is Killjoy and Reader’s choice award for Rider of the year goes to Chad Kerley. Congrats to all of you.
(Photo taken from TCU’s Instagram)

Verde – Outeast Tour Edit

Verde dropped the edit from their recent East Coast trip, where Tony Neyer, Drew York, Ryan “Biz” Jordan and Dave Thompson hit the streets of Philly, Jersey and New York. You know you can’t go wrong with this four riders, so hit play and witness some sick street riding.
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Verde Outeast Part 2

In the second installment of Verde’s Outeast behind the scenes edits, the crew, featuring Tony Neyer, Dave Thompson, Drew York and Ryan “Biz” Jordan, got rained out, met with Chase Dehart, rode an under the bridge spot, hit some streets and grabbed some cheesesteaks.
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Verde Outeast Part 1

Some raw clips put together from Verde’s Ed’s Shop visit in Vineland, NJ for the 4th annual Ed’s Games. After that they hit JD Whitehead’s backyard pool and then went to a rodeo with Van Homan. Featuring Drew York, Tony Neyer, Dave Thompson, Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Van Homan, Ryan Sher and more.
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Dave Thompson & Drew York At The Bakery

It has been a while since the last edit from Brian Kachinsky’s The Bakery. Watch above a split edit with Dave Thompson and Drew York destroying the park with pegs and read bellow the official word.
“The Bakery gets a visit from Verde team rider Dave Thompson and Drew York. After a weekend of filming, Dave’s burly/tech style took himself out of a gnarly crash, and he called his teammate York to come in and enjoy the ledge madness and finish things off. Get your pegs out for this episode of The Baker’s Duo”NetworkA.
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Dave Thompson GSport Army Green Birdcage Wheels Promo

Dave Thompson in the promo for GSport’s new army green wheelsets. Dave has been riding and testing these wheels for a while now and now you can too. Watch him above with a few really solid clips to make this promo perfect. Find out more here.
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