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5th Peg Midwest BMX Mixtape #1

Check out this solid nine minutes long Midweest street shredding video featuring Joey Ross, Murdle Moore, Michael Teal, Jonnathan Skavenger, Austin Dox, Cody Lothridge, Miles Jones, Kyle Mullen, Wayne Russell, David Grant, Ryan Howard and many more.
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David Grant Bike Check

Make your way over to the BSD web site to check out David Grant’s current RVIDXR 21.6″ setup. This bike is huge, but at the same time very raw and very dialled.

BSD – David Grant Rider Frame Promo

BSD – David Grant – RAIDER from BSD on Vimeo.

David Grant is a tall guy and this is why he needs an extra large frame. David and BSD came up with the Ride frame in 21.6″ which suits this mad guy perfectly. Here is a promotional video filmed through the year of 2013 at street spots around Barcelona, Arizona and California. No tailwhips, no barspins, but this is still so insane. Tons and tons of heavy grinding in this piece so hit play and check it out.
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Alex Donnachie And David Grant BSD Ad

This is the all new BSD print advert featuring Alex Donnachie and David Grant, while cruising around Athens, that you can find in the 180th issue of the Ride UK magazine. Photo by Vince Perraud.

BSD In Puerto Rico

BSD sent their riders, David Grant, Reed Stark, Tony Malouf and Joey Motta, to island of Puerto Rico on an adventure they will never forget and so won’t you after watching the web video they managed to film. From cliff diving at some amazing places, to riding ridiculous street spots, you will get a little bit of everything. Hit play now and get stoked, cause this is too good to miss it. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Tony Malouf, with help all three and Devin Feil.
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BSD – In The Streets Of Athens

Hell yeah, BMX is going wild today, so much good stuff already and now this. BSD riders David Grant, Kriss Kyle, Dan Paley, Alex Donnachie and the newest addition Sam Jones took a week long trip to Greece back in April to see what capital city, Athens, has to offer. If you come back with nine and a half minutes of really quality stuff, then you know a lot. Seat back, relax, maybe grab yourself something to eat and drink and enjoy this video.
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David Grant Almond Footwear Print Ad

Almond Footwear’s latest print ad featuring David Grant with this big gap to smith grind, shot on their Miami trip (if you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it now), to promote the Duke high shoes.

David Grant BSD Ad

David Grant with one sick, steep and insane icepick grind somewhere in the streets of Athens, Greece, for BSD’S latest print ad and to promote David’s signature Raider frame. You know this must be one strong frame, cause Grant goes big with gaps, drops and rails like this all the time.

[Re-Up] Almond In Miami + David Grand On The Team

Almond Shoes riders Jared Washington, Jeff Kocsis, Lloyd Wright, Iz Pulido and David Grant (yep David, this video is also welcoming him to the team) recently spent some time in sunny Miami, hitting streets, filming and enjoying the life. The trip is now over and they came out with this amazing piece that was made by no other that Darryl Tocco. Enjoy in some really smooth street riding from the whole crew.
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David Grant On Almond

It is now official that David Grant is the newest addition to the Almond pro team. David already went on a trip with the crew to Miami for four days and if you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it now.