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Monster Army Major David Lieb Professional Debut

Young rider, only 17 years old, David Liev won this year’s Recon Tour and scored ninth place at the Play Contest, which is all good news for him, especially since companies like Monster Energy started to notice him. They caught up with this young gun to talk about the contest, riding and competing with riders he is looking up to and more.
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Recon Tour Play AM Finals Highlights

This made me pretty much speechless. The Recon Tour Play AM finals went down this past weekend at Mike Spinner’s backyard and it was ridiculous. Top 10 athletes from ten stops of the Recon Tour were competing against each other for the top prize. The winner of the contest was 16 years old David Lieb. Judges had a lot of work, because the level of riding from these youngsters is extremely high.

Play AM final results:
1. David Lieb
2. Brian Fox
3. Colton Walker
4. Jake Anthony Leiva
5. Sebastian Smith
6. Adam Piatek
7. Wesley Hark
8. Trent Newkirk
9. Edward Percival
10. Mike Sugdinis
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David Lieb – Running Free 2013 Edit

When a 16 years old kid pulles a clean decade to barspin and does not have much problems with pulling a 360 barspin to tailwhip, you know the edit you will be watching of him will be insane. David Lieb is doing it for Hyper and he is doing it with so much skills, insane tricks and tech combos. So young, but so wild. Edit produced by Andrew Lillibridge.
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David Lieb – A New Frontier

Hyper BMX rider David Lieb hit this miniramp in Genoa, New Jersey with Andrew Lillibridge to get some stuff on the camera. At first I expected this one to be more chill, but it turned out it includes some pretty damn awesome moves. Check it out.
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David Lieb Video Bike Check 2013

Young David Lieb, only 16 years old, already has a big bag of tricks and have in mind, when you will come to an end of this video bike check he filmed with Andrew Lillibridge, that all this was filmed in just one session. David definitely has a bright future. Enjoy.
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David Lieb & Jamie Cooper-Ellis At The Kitchen

David Lieb and Jamie Cooper-Ellis took a trip to Brett Banasiewicz’s The Kitchen indoor skatepark in Indiana recently. Unfortunately David was six for the first two days, but they still managed to film tons of great park moves. Some of the ramps of this park are pretty damn big. Enjoy.
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David Lieb 2012 Edit

Hyper Bike Co rider David Lieb is over with filming till the next spring, but to say a proper goodbye, he filmed one last edit for this year. David has skills on that front whip and some good tailwhip and barspin combination. The vader slider to tailwhip footjam was the one that stood out for me.
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Days With David Lieb At Woodward

15-year-old David Lieb from Michigan rides for Hyper Bicycles flow team and here he is with a fresh edit he filmed during Woodward’s week six. David is just another kid with a bright future. Enjoy.
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