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Dawid Godziek Welcome To Ave BMX Team Edit

AveBmx: DAWID GODZIEK – Welcome to the Team from AveBmx on Vimeo.

We are not used to welcome to the team edits to be so long, but if a welcome to the team edit deserves to be so long, the let it be so long. I actually did not mind at all, because we all know how good Dawid Godziek is at riding BMX bikes. He is capable of just everything. There are clips in here from all over the world and Dawid kills all the skateparks and trails he hit. I am sure guys over at Ave BMX are really stoked to have Dawid Godziek on their team. He is a strong addition to their squad and I am really looking forward to their future projects.
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Dirt Spots With Dawid Godziek – Episode 3

For the third episode of the Dirt Spots with Dawid Godziek series, Dawid visited a small town near Warsaw, Poland, Milanowek. This place has this awesome set of trails and here you will find pretty much everything you need to know about it along with a nice dose of trails shredding.
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Dawid Godziek Trick List Episode 5 – Flips

Dawid Godziek Trick List Episode 5: Flips from on Vimeo.

This is the new and final episode of the Trick List series Dart BMX has been doing with Dawid Godziek. If you know a little about Dawid, you know he is a sick guy and he has plenty of tricks and trick combos on lock. This final episode is all about flips, back-flips and front-flips, and various variations of these two flip styles. All the front-flip combos are mental.
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Dawid Godziek Riding Subway Tunnel

Red Bull projects and Red Bull riders are popping out like crazy lately and this new web video from their Polish rider, Dawid Godziek, is a treat. Dawid head underground to check out the building of a new subway line, but he did not just check it out, he rode the “course”. Amazing shots, amazing tricks, this one is a must. Enjoy.
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VSA Extreme Trip To Godziek Garden

David Janac, Patrik Kajfas and Jakub Hlubocky from the VSA Extreme recently took a trip to the Dawid Godziek trails to get some riding done and to film for this new web video. Even if the trails over there are huge, these three didn’t have much problems jumping over them and pulling wild tricks.
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Dawid Godziek Trick List Episode 4 – 360s

Dawid Godziek Trick List Episode 4: Three Sixties from on Vimeo.

I almost forgot about Dawid Godziek’s Trick List episode and to my surprise, here is a fresh new installment, which is all about 360s and it’s combinations. It is really amazing how much skills and how big bag of tricks Dawid has. Too much good combos to name my favorite. Filmed and edited by Aleksander Osmalek.
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Dawid Godziek Trick List Episode 3

Dart BMX rider Dawid Godziek usually chooses one trick for his Trick List episodes and tries to pull as much combinations with it as possible, it was like that with the barspin and tailwhip episode. But this time, for the third episode of the series, he chose a different path. He decided to film various combos that you usually don’t see in an edit. Dawid has tons of skills and a big bag of tricks, so you know this one is going to be wild. I really liked the one-handed cannonball. Filmed and edited by Aleksander Osmalek.
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Red Bull Dreamline 2013 Prelims Video

Dreamline 2013 Prelims – More BMX Videos

Check out the highlights from the prelims at the Red Bull Dreamline 2013 featuring Dawid Godziek, Cory Nastazio, Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Chris Doyle, TJ Ellis, Cam White and others. This sure is a really massive set of dirt jump, but all these mad riders don’t have much problems of pulling big tricks over them.
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Dawid Godziek’s Trick List Episode 2 – Tailwhips

Dart BMX’S Dawid Godziek is back with the second installment in his Trick List episodes. This time around he will show you several variations of tailwhip. This dude has to much bike control and over his big trails he can pull almost everything. Seat back and relax while Dawid throws whips.
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Dawid Godziek’s Trick List Episode 1 – Barspins

Dart BMX and Dawid Godziek started a new series of web episodes called Trick List. The idea behind the Trick List series is to show you guys a trick in 1001 variations. For the first episode they picked barspin and Dawid went ridiculous with all those combinations. I really liked the barspin to nac nac, or the half bar to half bar. Enjoy the barspin madness. Filmed and edited by Alexander Osmalek.
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