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DC Shoes BMX Team No More

Big bad news. Unfortunately there will be no more DC Shoes BMX team. They had an amazing team of riders, made several amazing projects, but now it is all gone. That means Alfredo Mancuso, Anthony Napolitan, Brett Banasiewicz, Broc Raiford, Chris Doyle, Corey Bohan, Dylan Stark, Edwin De La Rosa, Jeremiah Smith, Kelly Bolton, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Rob Wise, Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Stevie Churchill are off DC.

DC Shoes – South East Asia Tour

DC Shoes riders Jeremiah Smith, Alfredo Mancuso, Dylan Stark and Rob Wise were sent on a tour with the skateboarding team to experience the life in South East of Asia. They visited Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, rode some fun looking spots, gets some parties done and introduced BMX and skateboarding to the less fortunate kids. This is a really good watch, so press that play button above and enjoy it.
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Brett Banasiewicz Benefit Jam By Asa Reed

I know two edits already dropped from Brett Banasiewicz’s Benefit Jam, that was hosted by The Come Up and DC Shoes on December 30th, 2012 at the Rye Airfield indoor skatepark, but here is one more. Asa Reed wasn’t riding at the jam, but was holding his camera in his hands all the time to capture all those crazy riding that went down at the street course, flat rail, vert and jump box course and trying not to miss a single thing. The jam, to raise funds for Brett Banasiewicz’s bills, was a huge success, tons of riders came and an enormous amount of crazy good tricks were pulled. I don’t know even where to start, so I will let you press that play button above and watch it for yourself. I am sure Brett Banasiewicz is really grateful to get such a big support from the community. Well, isn’t BMX one big family, where everyone supports each other?
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Brad Simms Off The Set & DC Shoes

Brad Simms just dropped this news up on his Twitter account that he will be riding no more for The Set and DC Shoes. Maybe new opportunity? No idea.

DC Indonesia – Jujun Junaedy

DC Shoes is supporting a lot of riders over in Indonesia and one of team members is Jujun Junaedy, who likes riding both, skateparks and street spots, and also loves cruising around the city on a long board. Peep this new edit of him, there is some nice stuff in it.
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DC Shoes Brett Banasiewicz Jam Photo Gallery

TCU posted a photo gallery from Brett Banasiewicz’s Benefit Jam at Rye Airfield last weekend, shot by Scott Marceau and Nick Jones. We have already seen the video from the jam, now make sure you also check out this gallery.

DC Shoes Chile – Nacho Infante Bio

Nacho Infante is DC Shoes’ rider in Chile and here is his bio. The bad side of this edit is that I don’t understand a word he is saying and the good side is that there are some stylish riding clips in it, worth checking out.
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DC Shoes – BMX Team Lands A Hand To Needy Children

DC Shoes’ team recently visited San Diego to participate in the Junior Seau Foundation “Shop with a Jock” program. They threw down a demo for the underprivileged kids and what is even better, each member of the team took one kid shopping at Target to buy gifts for their families and for themselves.

Ride UK Warehouse Project – DC Trailer

More BMX Videos
Here is the trailer for Ride UK’s Warehouse Project video, that will come with their Warehouse Project issue, featuring the DC Shoes team. Looks like guys were really busy over there and built a bunch of awesome stuff.

DC “Waiting For Lightning” – Mat Hoffman Bonus Cut

DC Shoes has a bonus cut from the “Waiting For Lightning”, documentary about Danny Way, for you guys, where Mat Hoffman remembers some of his first impressions of Danny.