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Eastern Bikes – Zach Rogers “Death Of Fun” Remix

“Zach Rogers has been killing it for a long time now. Eastern’s Death of Fun video part shows that. But instead of just showing it to you again we wanted to do a little remix. Watch it, get stoked then go ride!”Eastern Bikes
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Eastern Bikes “Death Of Fun” – Phil Jones V2

Eastern Bikes Phil Jones DOF V2 from Eastern Bikes on Vimeo.

“This is a little re-mix of Phil Jones section from Eastern Bikes with some added footage that wasn’t in the original. Phil is always filming new stuff so be on the lookout for new videos from Mr. Jones.”– Leigh Ramsdell, Eastern Bikes.
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Eastern Bikes – Cody Jennings Death Of Fun Section: V2

Cody Jennings Death of Fun Section: V2 from Eastern Bikes on Vimeo.

“Cody Jennings Death of Fun section was good but this version showcases what Cody does best; he will try something ridiculous, crash, laugh and get back up to pull it off. I love watching him ride, sometimes it’s like looking into a drunken mirror, ha. At this moment Cody is starting to film a new edit so think of this as a teaser. I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve! Oh, and Cody picked the song.”– Leigh Ramsdell, Eastern Bikes.
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Eastern Bikes Death Of Fun – Karl Poynter

Eastern Bikes Death of Fun: Karl Poynter from Eastern Bikes on Vimeo.

“Karl Poynter just got on Eastern Bikes when we decided to do The Death of Fun video. He kicked it into high gear and got it done to have the opener section in Eastern Bikes’ first full length video. Karl kicks ass and so does his part.”Eastern Bikes

Kelly Bolton’s Death Of Fun Section

Kelly Bolton Death of Fun Section from Eastern Bikes on Vimeo.

“This Friday’s Flick is Kelly Bolton’s section from Eastern’s “The Death of Fun” video. An interesting note about this video is that Kelly was in Ohio for a summer doing demos and needed to get some clips. So he found an abandoned warehouse and built ramps out of pallets and scrap wood. Then he filmed most of it solo. Kelly’s awesome.”– Leigh Ramsdell, Eastern

Brian Wizmerski Death Of Fun Part

Wiz Death of Fun Section from Eastern Bikes on Vimeo.

“We are going to start dropping the Death of Fun sections on the Eastern site. The first is Brian Wizmerski’s, better known as Wiz. A great, solid part from Wiz. It makes me smile.”Eastern Bikes