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How To Decade With Nick Yanetta

Decades are getting really popular these days and if you wanna learn how to pull this trick, George Sarkes and Nick Yanetta teamed up to film a how to. There are some very useful tips in here and I am definitely trying this one on the next session.
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Relentless Energy Pro Tips – The Decade With Mark Webb

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Relentless Energy and Mark Webb teamed up to shot a how to do a decade, one of the hardest tricks in BMX, at Mark’s Ghetto Shed. I must say that this is a really amazing how-to video, definitely because of those sick slow-mo shots. Also check Mark’s variation of a decade at the end.
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Decade To Oppo Smith

Probably doesn’t count… from blue on Vimeo.

Ever saw a decade to opposite smith grind? I know I haven’t…
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Daniel Tünte’s Decade To Grind Attempt

Daniel Tünte’s Decade to Grind Attempt – More BMX Videos

Daniel Tünte with a pretty wild move at the Vault skatepark, doing a decade to grind. Not pulled yet, but I’m sure he’ll did it in no time.
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Pat Casey’s Backflip Decade At FISE Park Finals


How-To Footjam Decade With Terry Adams

In This RideBMX’s how-to Terry Adams shows you how to do a fotjam brakeless decade, he gave you tips and explains what is better for him and later he shows you how to make a combination with this trick.
Video by Fat