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Defgrip On UP

Defgrip on UP from Defgrip on Vimeo.

If you are in search to watch something longer and something it will make you wanna grab your bike and get a session done with your friends, I highly recommend you you watch this road trip video from Defgrip. They took a four day long trip to Upper Peninsula and made several stops along the road, went camping and even took a ferry over to Mackinac Island. Seat back, relax and enjoy.
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Cult X The Simpsons Collaboration

Wow, what? Is this really happening? Cult and The Simpsons teamed up to produce a limited edition of Duff 24″ cruiser complete bikes. There is an interview up on Defgrip site with Robbie Morales about the whole idea behind this collab, the Duff bike and much more. This is next level, I say.

2014 Verde Complete Bikes Preview

You can find a preview of the 2014 Verde complete bikes exclusively up on the Defgrip web site. It is still 2013, but you know how things go. Verde really did their job well and didn’t forgot about the little shredders and to make bikes look cool.

Hoang Tran Odyssey Ad

Spotted over on Defgrip web site, Odyssey’s latest print ad featuring Hoang Tran getting this serious nose manual/tap done for the 177th issue of the Ride UK magazine.

Jeff Klugiewicz For Mankind

Defgrip in collaboration with Mankind dropped this pretty sick new web edit from the guy, who just built himself up a fresh new rig, Jeff Klugiewicz. Regular and opposite, Jess will grind it all as clean as possible, actually, so clean that you won’t even notice if it’s his natural or unnatural way. The double peg to 180 barspin was unexpectable. Filmed and edited by Grant Casteluzzo.
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Sean Sexton Odyssey Ad

Latest Odyssey print ad featuring Sean Sexton with one big toothpick 360 over a rail and drop to promote and announce that his signature SXTN top load stem is available now. This one can be found in the new issue of the Ride BMX magazine. Seen on Defgrip.

Bobby Simmons Cult Ad

Bobby Simmons showing you how a turndown needs to be pulled for Cult’s latest print ad. I am missing Bobby’s web appearance and I am sure you also, since he is murdering it so hard. Spotted this one over of Defgrip.

The Bridge By Harrison Boyce

The Bridge on

A quick but simply amazing video about the New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, made by Harrison Boyce from Defgrip. Seen on Nowness.
“It heath cables and it does one good to cross it every day,” wrote Jack Kerouac in his 1956 pem “Brooklyn Bridge Blues”, inspired by the New York monument that also attracted the likes of poets Vladimir Mayakovsky, Marianne Moore, and even Walt Whitman, who immortalized the part-built landmark back in 1878. The neo-Gothic symmetry of one of the city’s most recognizable structures is honored in this short film by filmmaker Harrison Boyce, narrated by Academy Award-winning actor and director Fisher Stevens, Today potentially overlooked as an object of mere utility overshadowed by the imposing skyline of Manhattan, here the Brooklyn Bridge’s aesthetic appeal is reinvigorated some 130 years after it first opened in 1883, when it was one of the tallest structures in the city. The 1.1 mile steel-wire suspension bridge was originally designed by German immigrant John Augustus Roebling and took 14 years to complete, linking Manhattan and Brooklyn across the East River – a cultural connection that continues to flourish today. Boyce filmed the ode to his favorite landmark between shooting the titles for Saturday Night Live and working on fashion and music projects for Dazed & Confused. “What I really love about the Brooklyn Bridge is how many different elements were brought together to build it,” he says. While the other bridges in New York are made primarily of metal, the Brooklyn Bridge has stone, wood, steel, cement, and all these old signs and doorways; it has a lot of mystery to it.”

Marie Jade – Chut! Acte II, Toulouse Photo Gallery

Marie Jade crew spent ten day in Toulouse, France where they filmed their last Chut! Acte II video. Now Defgrip posted a photo gallery consisted of 53 photo, shot by Alex Valentino. I am a big fan of the Marie Jade crew and I am sure plenty of you guys out there are also, so check this photo gallery out.

Gary Young Odyssey Ad

Spotted this one over on th Defgrip web site. Odyssey’s latest print ad featuring Gary Young putting his pegs to use for Ride BMX magazine, issue 175.