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Compression X Deluxe – Pompom Edit

Compression X Deluxe present: Pompom from Compression Bmx on Vimeo.

Compression and Delux are presenting you Pompom’s clips from the La Source and Eyoka trails from fall 2013. Some really fine trails riding, a few tricks and plenty of style. I really wish this one was a little longer.
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Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX – Part 3

Federal at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Now lets get inside some of your favorite brands that were showing some of their new products at the Interbike 2013, produced by Vital BMX. So, above and after the jump you will find short product videos from Federal, Demolition, Odyssey, Sunday Bikes, Snafu, Cult, Merritt, Failure, Deluxe, VP Components, Primo, Tree, Redline and Mutant. I was really looking forward to see what Mutant has in store and they came out with a few really sweet products/designs.
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Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 2

Fly Bikes
The second batch of product videos from the Interbike 2013 from Ride BMX is here and it includes new parts and products from Fly Bikes, Deluxe, Bone Deth, Fairdale, ODI and Merritt. A lot of new stuff will be there on the market in the coming months, from new Devon Smillie Fuego line from Fly, to all the new goodies from Merritt, ODI, Bone Deth and the rest of the brands. Watch more videos afterthe jump.
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Deluxe “Part Deux” – Flaynac

For the last part of the Deluxe “Part Deux” video, the crew traveled over to the Flaynac trails, after a day off at the river. If you haven’t seen this thing yet, here it is now on the web for you to enjoy it watching, especially if you are a trails riders and you like pedalling on the dirt and cruise and fly and just enjoy having fun on the bike with friends.
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Deluxe “Part Deux” – La Source

The next stop of the filming mission for Deluxe’s second full length video “Part Deux” were Pompom’s local trails, La Source. France has so much good and dialed trails and these are one of them. Check out what they managed to get on a camera.
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Deluxe “Part Deux” – Hoppy Trails

Deluxe is out with another section from their second full length video “Part Deux” that is showing the Hoppy Trails. I must admit, I never heard for these trails before, but after watching the section, all I can say is that they are really dialed and fun looking. Check out.
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Deluxe “Part Deux” – Pinard

Deluxe knows when is the right time to drop another section from their second full length video called Part Deux to make all the trails riders out there stoked and pumped for riding. The second stop of their French trip was the Pinard trails and here is what they managed to film while having fun riding them. Trails are looking really dialed. Filmed and edited by Patrick Best.
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Deluxe At The Wheel Mill

Mark Potoczny, Ted Van Orman and Mike Saavedra from the US Deluxe team hit The Wheel Mill for an evening session during the Jaunt BMX Night and this is what they got. Trails inspired riders hitting wooden ramps, you know this means a lot of style and smooth tricks and that’s what it is.
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Deluxe “Part Deux” – Peynier

The Peynier section from the Deluxe’s “Part Deux” video, their second full length video. The crew travelled to France and venue of the annual Kill The Line contest. Trails, trails and some more trails riding.
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Ted Van Orman Deluxe Ad

Deluxe’s latest print ad from The Albion magazine, issue 15, featuring Ted Van Orman and the PA USA frame.