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Merritt – Demarcus Paul Welcome Quickie

Demarcus Paul from Merritt Bmx on Vimeo.

Demarcus Paul started to get hooked up by Merritt and this is a short little something from him to make the announcement. Demarcus is a very skilled riders and he has some serious stuff on lock, from nose manuals, grinds combos and even street backflips to fakie.
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Jesse Garcia For TCU

Jesse Garcia doing it hard on the streets for this new web edit he filmed with help from Demarcus Paul behind the lens for TCU. That double peg grind is sick. You’ll see what I am talking about. Hit it.
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All Day BMX – Demarcus Paul Welcome Edit

Demarcus Paul is All Day BMX shop’s newest rider and this welcome to the team edit is super hot. Demarcus has this super smooth and clean style of riding and makes everything look so easy. The last toothpick hangover grind to over crooked grind to 180 down the rail was probably the first ever of this kind. Seen on TCU.
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How To Tooth Hanger Grind With Demarcus Paul

Tooth hanger grind is a super fun grind, especially when you master it for a little bit and can pull a little longer one. Seat back and see what Demarcus Paul has to say about this grind in this new episode of the How To episodes from Ride.
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FREEDom Bikes Promo

FREEDom Promo from Freedbikes on Vimeo.

After releasing the Miami, Florida video, Freed Bikes still had enough fun clips from Tammy McCarley, Demarcus Paul and Corey Foster to put together this promotional video for the Freedom frame and handlebar. Filmed and edited by Miles Rogoish.
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Freed In Miami

Freed riders Tammy McCarley (In case you haven’t seen his welcome to the team edit, watch it now), Demarcus Paul and Corey Foster all took a week long trip to Miami, Florida with Miles Rogoish behind the lens to film for this new web edit. I must say, that this was such a good watch and full of street hammer and big stuff. You better start pressing the play button, cause I am sure you will enjoy every second of it.
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Freed Bikes – Woodward West Edit

Three of the Freed Bikes riders Corey Foster, DeMarcus Paul and Andy Smith recently spent some time at the Woodward West, where they filmed this four minutes long mix edit with help from Adam Sims behind the lens. Three different style and each going to the limits. Check out how big that tuck no-hander from DeMarcus was at the end.
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14 Clips At Paradise Hills

14 Clips at Paradise Hills – More BMX Videos

14 clips from the Paradise Hills skatepark in San Diego from Brandon Kitson, Demarcus Paul and Jose Romero. There is also Tammy McCarley in here, but he decided to take a cruise around the park with a skateboard. Now back to the edit and riding. All three Brandon, Demarcus and Jose did a damn good job and nailed down several hot moves for you to check out.
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Clip 4 Clip #1 – Demarcus Paul And Tammy McCarley

Tammy McCarley started a new short web series where he will be showing nothing else but having fun on the bikes with his friends. For the first episode Tammy gets a session done at these fun looking flat ledges with Demarcus Paul. hit play and see what these two got for you.
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Demarcus Paul Welcome To Freed Bikes

Demarcus Paul joined Freed Bikes a little while ago and we were all hardly waiting for his welcome to the team edit that dropped just now. I guest it can be safe to say that Demarcus has one of the best toothpick hangovers in the game. This guy also provides tons of style and other technical and big street moves. The icepick grind to rail ride to hanger was also sick as hell and that massive tuck no-hander down the stairs. Just hit play and see it for yourself, kid is nuts.
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