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Demolition Parts – Drew Hosselton In AZ

Demolition Parts: Drew Hosselton AZ Edit from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Three minutes of really amazing and extremely creative riding from Demolition Parts rider Drew Hosselton. When it comes to BMX riding, Drew thinks completely different than most of the riders out there. He isn’t about pulling insane stuff and going crazy, but he likes going original and creative and it’s really great to see freshness from him on the web to take a break from random daily stuff.
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Michael Jordan Welcome To Demolition Parts And Volume Bikes

Volume Bikes/ Demolition Parts: Michael Jordan Welcome Edit from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

If your name is Michael Jordan it is obvious you will play with a basketball, but this Micahel Jordan from the UK isn’t playing only with basketball, he is also playing with BMX bikes. This is his welcome to Demolition Parts and Volume Bikes edit and he will be representing brands through the Elephant Distribution. Watch out for this kid in 2014.
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Demolition Parts – Shane Conlon Edit

Shane Conlon and James Fox up and hit streets and skateparks arounf Queensland and New South Wales, Australia to film clips for a new Demolition Part web video.They both did a pretty good job, Shane behind the bars and James behind the lens.
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Erik Orgo Welcome To Demolition Parts And Volume Bikes

Erik Orgo from Estonia has been added to the Demolition Parts and Volume Bikes international team through the On Wheels distribution. Erik is currently working on a welcome to the team edit, so stay tuned and maybe we will see two, one for each brand.

Demolition Parts – Woodward West Shootout 2013

The last video that has been entered in the 2013 Woodward West’s Shootout is from Demolition Parts riders Dennis Enarson, Dave Dillewaard, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Clark, Drew Hosselton, Ryan Jordan, Kris Fox, Connor Lodes, Brendan Jones and Joey Cobbs. A big group of heavy riders means a heady video.
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180 Distribution – Inside Sales Job Opening

180 Distribution is home of Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts and they are searching for a full-time inside domestic sales rep person. If you live somewhere near Santa Fe Spring, California and you think you pass all the requirements, hurry up, they need a fresh one immediately.

Demolition Parts – Jason Enns & Ryan “Biz” Jordan Edit

We’ve seen one split edit today that featured two different styles. Here is another one. Maybe this one doesn’t show that much of a difference, but still, Jason Enns and Ryan “Biz” Jordan are doing it their own style. This new Demolition edit they were working on over the past weeks is amazing. The tricks and style is on the top level, but last smith from Biz was unreal. I thought he is out after the crash, but nothing really happened to him. Must see.
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Mellon 7’s – Troy Charlesworth

Originally Sydney, Australia based rider, but now resident of Brisbane, Troy Charlesworth aka Big Salad is the next guy in our Mellon 7’s section. Click read more and read the quick interview. The injury he took some time ago sounds really painful.
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Demolition Parts – Danger Plaza Session

Demolition Parts: Danger plaza session. from Chris Whyte on Vimeo.

When you spent a few hours at the Danger plaza, this is what you get.

Aaron Smith Welcome To Demolition Parts

Demolition Parts: Aaron Smith Welcome To The Team from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

A welcome to the team edit from Demolition welcoming Aaron Smith. He was added to the team a few months ago but here is finally his welcome to the team edit featuring some good riding like always.