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Dennis Enarson Demolition Wallpaper

Dennis Enarson killed this year at Texas Toast Jam with taking the win at dirt contest and placing second at the street, being right behind Chad Kerley. Demolition shot this one during the event featuring Dennis pulling a rail ride to opposite tailwhip. Click here and download it.

New Demolition Snapbacks Available Now

Demolition’s all new 5 and 6 panel snapbacks are available now, made by Reach Mfg. You can choose between Axes patch cotton or the Parts Co screened trucker styles.

Jordane Dubois On Demolition + Bike Check

Jordane Dubois is the newest addition to the Demolition team through their Canadian distribution Ten Pack. He recently freshen up his Verde setup with some new parts, that you can check right here.

Drew Hosselton The Hunt Leftovers

It looks like even if Drew Hosselton got second at The Hunt’s video contest, where he used all the best clips, he still had plenty more left, that Demolition now used for this quick edit. Filme in France, Barcelona and UK (hope I guessed right).
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Stevie Churchill Off Demolition

We just posted a few posts below that Stevie Churchill parted ways with Volume and now the news also dropped that he will be riding no more for Demolition.
“It’s never a good day when we have to announce that a Demo rider is no longer going to be part of the team and today is no different. Unfortunately due to a series of recent actions and events we have decided to let Stevie Churchill go from Demolition Parts. Stevie has been on the team since he was sixteen and we truly regret the way in which our sponsorship with him has to end. We here at Demolition would like to thank Stevie for the time and effort he has given Demolition and wish him all the best in the future.”

Demolition 4.2″ Dumbchuck V3 Pegs

The third version of Demolition’s Dumbchuck plastic pegs, now come in a longer version, 4.2″, with harder 7075 aluminum sleeve. Find more photos and specifications here.

Demolition Aluminum Trooper Pedals Now In Stock

Demolition’s all new Trooper aluminum pedals are in stock now. They come in five different color options, feature full bushing system and were in the testing process for over a year now, so you know they are made strong now. For more info, click here.

Elephant Distribution – Tea & Biscuits UK Summer Tour

Demolition’s and Volume’s Tea & Biscuits UK summer tour to introduce you the new UK distribution, Elephant Distribution, with Chris Doyle, Stevie Churchill, Broc Raiford and Mike “Hucker” Clark.
“To kick off Elephant Distribution we brought over a eclectic selection of Volume and Demolition riders for 10 days of sightseeing, snuff snorting and forehead signing. As a theme for the trip we teamed up with Yorkshire Tea and McVities Biscuits to bring nourishment and refreshment to the masses, and with 6 shop stops, numerous street sessions, 1 trail session, a Dub Jam and over a thousand spent tea bags in our wake, all in all it was a dunking goodtime. This is the first of three edits from the trip, look out for the second instalment next week and remember, don’t dunk for too long or she’ll fall in your tea.
Thanks to everyone who made the trip fun and for this edit specifically we’d like to extend a big thank you to Ross, Jon and all the Epsom locals, Philly D in Liverpool, Rampworx Skatepark and Ian, Dean and James at 4Down. Cheers.
Filmed & Edited By Mike Mastroni”
– Elephant Distribution
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Demolition “Last Chance” – Daniel “Lil-D” Martinez

It is time for Demolition to release another section from the “Last Chance” DVD. This time they dropped online Daniel Martinez’s aka Lil-D’s section from the video. Lil-D sure is one of the smoothest street riders out there, who isn’t afraid of doing crazy gap to double peg grinds down the stairs (there’s a good example of it at the end of this edit). Must see.
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Demolition – 2.35 & Redwall Machete Tires Now In Stock

Demolition now got all their new Machete tires in size 2.35″ in both red and black sidewalls. Contact you local shop or favorite mailorder for details and to get your hands on them.