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Demolition’s Lil Stevie in Cali

Demolition rider Lil Stevie escaped from cold temperatures and went to Cali for a week. They posted a few photos from L.B. park. Check them out!

Aaron Smith Interview

Ride BMX has an interview with Kink rider Aaron Smith. You will find everything about Kink house, Demolition and living on two coasts at once.

Connor Lodes Volume ID

Volume posted a bunch of good photos with a short interview of their flow rider Connor Lodes who is also riding for Demolition.

Russ Barone Demolition Ad

Russ Barone, wall to 180

Here is new Demolition ad featuring Russ Barone doing wall to 180 over a rail. Read more tho check it big.
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Ryan “Biz” Jordan Bike Check

Ryan Jordan

RideBMX just posted a bike check with Volume, Demolition, DC Shoes, Hart and Huntington rider Ryan “Biz” Jordan.

Alfredo Mancuso Demolition Video

Here is first video from Alfredo Mancuso for Demolition. In this one you will find tons of good stuff on street so it is worth watching it.
Video by Chris Long

Tom Justice On Odessa

Tom Justice Edit – More BMX Videos

UK rider Tom Justice has been added to Odessa Fotwear team. His is now a UK Volume, Demolition, and Alienation rider. Seen on VitalBMX.

Mike Escamilla’s Statement On Quiting Demolition


After over a Decade of being on Demolition Parts, we are parting ways. Its Unfortunate it has to happen so close to the completion of there new DVD “Last Chance” but sometimes it just works out that way, Im sure the Video is going to be amazing, and im going to miss all the amazing times I had on the road with the team over the years… I just wanna thank Brian and La for all the years of support, as well as the employees who work or have worked with them over the years. Thanks guys! Cant wait to see the video!!!!
Mike Escamilla

Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla Off Demolition


Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla is riding no more for Demoliton.
“Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla and Demolition Parts have decided to part ways. Mike has been apart of the family here for a very long time and we sincerely wish him the best in his future endeavors. With Mike, who knows what that’ll be. TV, movies, skydiving, wrestling gators…who knows? I’m sure he’ll be a huge success wherever he ends up. We both know there will be both questions on what happened and comments. There is no drama or anything like that. Mike and myself are still very close friends, period.
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