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Ronnie Napolitan Demolition Wallpaper

Ronnie Napolitan boosting a sweet “little” table out of the “scariest” bowl in Costa Rica to promote his signature Demolition Combat bar. This photo can be decorating your desktop background, so download it now.
Make sure you watch Ronnie’s promotional web edit one more time. Yep it is that good.

Max Terrasson Welcome To Demolition

Max Terrasson is the newest Demolition Parts rider, who will be representing the over in France. I really like Max’s relaxed and chill style of riding, but it is also dope seeing this dude go fast from time to time and pulling some big stuff. You’ll gonna enjoy this one.
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Demolition X Parano Garage Ad

Demolition and Parano Garage along with La Finca from Germany did this cool looking print ad that was featured in the new German based BMX magazine, BMX Rider.

Demolition – Ronnie Napolitan Combat Bar Promo

Ronnie Napolitan is an all around rider, he can shred, streets, trails and skateparks and he can shred all three really really hard. It is kinda perfect match to let a guy like Ronnie is design a bar and so did Demolition and voila, the Combat bar is here. Ronnie putting his signature handlebar to test on all three terrains and if it doesn’t break under this viking, it will hold everyone.
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Ronnie Napolitan Demolition Wallpaper

Like Demolition sad, if you ever go to Barcelona, Spain, you definitely need to go to the Sea Walls and give this ridiculous quarter pipes a try. While Ronnie Napolitan was over there, he didn’t just ride them, he was pulling this rad fast-plant tables and today you can set the photo they took for your new desktop wallpaper.

Demolition Ronnie Napolitan Combat Bar

Demolition is proud to finally announce the release of Ronnie Napolitan’s signature Combat bar. Ronnie has been testing this 8.8″ rise bar for a while now and loved it every since. Hit your local shop or favorite mail order if you wanna get these beast for your bike.

Mike “Hucker” Clark Demolition Ad

Demolition’s latest print ad featuring Mike “Hucker” Clark with super extended superman, promoting their Revolt cranks. You can find this photo, shot by Justin Kosman, in the 13th issue of The Albion magazine.

Connor Lodes’ 30 Days Of Travel Checklist

I am sure you asked yourself a few times before what are pro riders bringing with them on trips. I know I did. Demolition made this checklist with Connor Lodes who is traveling to Europe for the month of May for you to check out. Pretty cool.

Demolition – Aaron Smith Spring 2013 Edit

This new Aaron Smith spirng 2013 web edit he filmed around Southern California, with help from Mike Mastroni, for Demolition is solid. Smooth street style, rails and some really high hops. Definitely into this one and I am sure you will be also. Click play and enjoy.
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Demolition Best Pic Contest

Demolition is hosting a new giveaway for you guys, where the best picture up on Instagram will win their all new Ghost front hub and Rolls V2 cassette. To enter you need to follow Demolition on Instagram and tag your photo with #picsforhubs.