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Demolition “Last Chance” – Dennis Enarson

There aren’t many video section out there that are more than seven minutes long and every second of it is as crazy as it can be. Well, Dennis Enarson’s Demolition “Last Chance” section is. There is so much insane stuff in here, that you just don’t know where to start. At least ten moves in here, could be lead to death, but Dennis pulled them clean and smooth. Go and watch this time one more time, it deserves it.
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Demolition Dumbchuck Peg Promo

Demolition threw together this promotional video for their new Dumbchuck plastic pegs. Hear it from Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Jason Enns, Christian Rigal and Connor Lodes personally, why they switched to plastic pedals, why they like these and also watch these dudes put the pegs to some proper use.
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Stevie Churchill OSS #ramptramp

Stevie Churchill doing it for OSS at the Volume Bikes/Demolition’s ramps. What Stevie can do with barspins and tailwhips is from another planet. He also pulled a 900 in this one, which really surprised me. Enough talking, click play above and enjoy in not your every day edited edit.
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Demolition Ghost Hubs Now In Stock

The all new Demolition Ghost front hubs are available now. These feature a more recessed bearing to prevent bearing to loosen up. Hit your local shop or favorite mail order and get your hands on these, if you are looking for something new in the front end of your bike.

Dennis Enarson Demolition Ad

This is Demolition’s latest print ad that you will find in the latest issue of the Ride BMX magazine, featuring Dennis Enarson with one crazy wallride to downside tailwhip and their Trooper plastic pedals.

Arnaud Wolff And Max Terrasson In Paris

Arnaud Wolf, Proper, and Max Terrasson, Demolition, took a quick trip to Paris, France, to hit the indoor and outdoor skateparks, where they managed to film enough solid stuff for this split edit to happen. Style, great lines and trick combos.
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Demolition Freecoaster Sneak Peek

I just spotted over on Demolition’s Instagram a sneak peek of their new freecoaster hub. More on this thing soon, but till than, click read more to check one more photo of it.
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Tate Roskelley Demolition Ad

Tate Roskelley doing his own thing for a fresh new Demolition print ad, that their French distribution Ezco ran in the latest issue of the Art magazine. If you live in France you will definitely see this one in person.

Demolition “Last Chance” – Connor Lodes And Christian Rigal Part

Demolition is back with another section from their Last Chance DVD. For this month they dropped Connor Lodes’ and Christian Rigal’s split section. Even if you already saw this one, but especially if you haven’t you need to watch it now. Connor and Chris put a lot of work into filming and the final product is simply amazing.
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Connor Lodes Demolition Wallpaper

Connor Lodes with a super stylish toboggan to fakie at this ditch in San Antonio for Demolition’s newest wallpaper, that you can download and set as your new desktop background right now.