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Jordane Dubois Welcome To Demolition

Jordane Dubois has joined the Demolition flow team and will representing them through the Ten Pack Distribution. He spent some time around the streets and at the Le Taz skatepark with Vlad Poloukhine behind the lens, to film for his welcome to the team edit. What came out now is one sick welcome edit, full of amazing moves. Last lines is freaking unreal.
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Demolition Trooper Plastic Pedals Out Now

The long awaited plastic Demolition Trooper pedals are finally available. These has a bigger platform body with ten square molded pin on each side, to offer as much grip as possible, and are concaved to offer an even better fit to your shoes.

Defgrip Disposed – Ticos And Tamales Tour

Defgrip posted a photogallery from a trip Drew Hosselton, Aaron Smith, Connor Lodes, Ronnie Napolitan, Mike Mastroni and Joey Cobbs recently made to Costa Rica in the name of Demolition and under the name of Ticos And Tamales. Everything went as planned until their gear got stolen. Be careful when going on trips, got robbed always sucks as hell!

Dave Dillewaard Demolition Ad

Dave Dillewaard going high with this one handed table out of a dirt quarter for Demolition’s latest print ad to promote their Concorde fork. You will be seeing this ad in the new issue of the Dig magazine.

Max Terrason On Demolition

Max Terrason will be from now on representing Demolition in France through the Ezco distribution. Max is working on a welcome to the team edit that should drop any time now.

Demolition – Hot In Norco With Jason Enns, Ryan “Biz” Jordan And Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla

Jason Enns and Ryan “Biz” Jordan have been working on this ditch setup lately and invited Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla, Brian Castillo and Paul Luna over for a session. Demolition has a flipbook up with photos, that were made just for fun. Spot looks so much fun.

Dennis Enarson Demolition Ad

Demolition’s latest print ad featuring Denis Enarson and his collaboration Markit seat, shot on their Northeast Trails trip. This ad can be found in the 12th issue of The Albion magazine.

Kris Fox Demolition Wallpaper

It is Kris Fox’s birthday and to celebrate it Demolition dropped this new wallpaper of him, getting super stylish of a dirt jump with a one-footed euro table, for all you guys and your computer’s desktops.

Demolition “Last Chance” – Dave Osato

If you by any chance haven’t seen Dave Osato’s Demolition “Last Chance” part yet, don’t wait and click that play button now and enjoy the madness he still does on his four pegged, front and back brake machine. Dave is insane when it come to technical moves. His 360 nose pick on a massive sub rail at the end of his part is one of the craziest things ever. I just don’t know how can he pull stuff like this so perfectly. Must see.
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Dave Dillewaard Unused Clips

Dave Dillewaard released this web edit including clips that he didn’t use for his Demolition “Last Chance” part. Dave may be one of the tallest guys in the game, but he is still boosting some serious stuff, no matter what terrain he will ride. Check it out. Filmed by Stewart Munro and edited by Troy Charlesworth.
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