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Aaron Smith – OTM / OLP Edit

Demolition and Kink rider Aaron Smith, taught you today how a manual to 180 is done and now he is back with a really solid street edit, full of clean and smooth lines and trick combos. Aaron is an amazing rider and I just can not wait to see his part in the new Kink “Squash It” DVD.
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Demolition “Last Chance” – Tate Roskelley

If you haven’t got a chance to watch the Demolition “Last Chance” DVD yet and you like watching creative and original riding, you must watch Tate Roskelley’s section. There are stuff in here, that most of us wouldn’t even think of trying. Watch and enjoy the uniqueness.
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Josh Perry Bike Check

Demolition recently sent Eastern Bikes’ Josh Perry some fresh new gear for his bike. Josh replaced the old parts, shot a few photos of the bike, put it to test and now you can check his whip and two action photos on this link.

Dennis Enarson Demolition Wallpaper

Demolition has a new wallpaper for you guys, to freshen up your desktops, featuring Dennis Enarson going over trails with a no-hander one-footer. If you dig it and want to have it, click here and start downloading it.

Demolition Rolls V2 Switch Drive System Hub In Stock

Demolition say sorry to all of their costumers for their delay, but announced now, that they are fully restocked and have their all new Rolls V2 switch drive system hubs available and ready to ship.

Demolition “Last Chance” – Mix Section

New month is here and this means new section from Demolition’s “Last Chance” DVD is here. This is the mix section from the video featuring Stevie Churchill, Ronnie Napolitan, Matty Long, Pat Casey, Russ Barone, Drew Hosselton, Mike “Hucker” Clark and more. Enjoy.
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Woodward West BMX Shootout Results

The first ever Woodward West BMX Shootout contest is over. Six teams (Colony, Demolition, DK, Haro, Redline and SE Bikes) were competing, but only one won. The best video filmed Demolition crew, followed by SE, Colony, DK, Haro and Redline. If you somehow missed videos, click here and watch them now.

Demolition Northeast Trails Trip Photo Flip

You have already seen the Demolition Northeast Trails Trip edit they dropped a little while ago (if you haven’t, do it now), and today, they are dropping this pretty cool photo gallery, to show it to you through photos.

New Demolition Stickers

Demolition just updated their sticker page with their new SASE (self addressed, stamped envelope) sticker sheets 10 piece sticker packs and their big 20×5″ shop sticker. Click here to find more.

Ryan “Biz” Jordan Demolition Wallpaper

All you out there who are constantly changing your desktops, Demolition has a new one for you featuring Ryan “Biz” Jordan pulling this wild double peg to gap barspin. Want it? Download it here.