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Dennis Enarson Demolition “Rig” Line Promotional Edit

Originally Dennis Enarson went out with good friend Christian Rigal to film a little promo for his signature “Rig” Line from Demolition and this is what he came back with. If you ask me, this is no quick little promotional edit, this is some serious stuff. I have no idea how you can go on a quest to film a couple clips and you end up filming for six minutes of bangers? Oh, I know how, if your name is Dennis Enarson everything is possible. This guy is simply unreal and has so much skills. He can shred streets, parks and trails, oh, and he is pretty good when it comes to skateboarding. Do you need to know anything else? The only think I will say more is that there are one gazillion bangers in here. Hit play and enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal.
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Haro Team Session At Pat Casey’s

Haro Team Session at Pat Casey’s. from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

Haro team riders Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Gray, Dennis Enarson and Colin Mackay enjoying an afternoon at Casey’s backyard ramp setup in Riverside, California. Who wouldn’t have a setup like this one? This is rad and with a heavy crew like Haro’s is expect to see some solid shredding. Filmed and edited by Justin Kosman.
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A Day In The Life Of Dennis Enarson

Dennis Enarson: A Day in The Life – More BMX Videos

Here is a great look into random day in the life in San Diego of Dennis Enarson. From a morning meal to kick the day of and having a session at the mini and having fun in the front yard to throwing down a heavy session at the local skatepark with friends.
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Markit Denim Winter Promo

Markit crew came out with another banger web video to promote their 2014 winter products. Riders that are featured in the video are Christian Rigal, Dennis Enarson, Rob Wise, Connor Lodes, Chad Kerley, Geoff Slattery, Mike Jonas and Ronnie Napolitan. Hit play and enjoy this 10 minutes long vid, it is a sick one.
Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal.
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Demolition Parts – Woodward West Shootout 2013

The last video that has been entered in the 2013 Woodward West’s Shootout is from Demolition Parts riders Dennis Enarson, Dave Dillewaard, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Clark, Drew Hosselton, Ryan Jordan, Kris Fox, Connor Lodes, Brendan Jones and Joey Cobbs. A big group of heavy riders means a heady video.
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Red Bull “Riding Shotgun” Episode 4 – Shedding Scotland

Here is the fourth and last episode from Red Bull and Kriss Kyle’s “Riding Shotgun” series. Kriss met up with Drew Bezanson and Dennis Enarson in Glasgow, Scotland, to cruise around the city, to shred the famous Unit 23 skatepark, to cliff dive and to go camping. Unfortunately Drew got injured and ended the trip earlier, but they all managed to film a big amount of crazy good stuff for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.
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New DIG Cover, Issue 97

This massive one tailwhip over the fence to flat from Dennis Enarson scored him the cover for the new Dig magazine issue, issue 97. This thing is madness and if you saw the new Markit Zero video you already know that.

Texas Toast Jam With Dennis Enarson And Mike “Hucker” Clark

Like I sad, there will be tons of awesome footage dropping on the web from the 2013 Texas Toast Jam and plenty already did and it looks like it won’t stop. Here is another one from Oakley riders Dennis Enarson and Mike “Hucker” clark, with riding from plenty of others attendees also.
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2013 Texas Toast Dirt Finals Highlights By Vital

Texas Toast – Dirt Finals Video – More BMX Videos

I am not sure ho many more video highlights from the 2013 Texas Toast Jam will there be dropping in the future, but I how here are another one from the dirt finals, brought to you by Vital. Riding from Ryan Nyquist, Clint Reynolds, Chris Childs, Dennis Enarson, TJ Ellis, Chris Doyle and more.
Oh, and if we are already talking about Texas Toast Jam, make sure you also check a vid below from Gary Young clearing the Guntlet of Death course.

Gary Young Conquers The Gauntlet of Death – More BMX Videos

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2013 NORA Cup Awards Winners

The 2013 Texas Toast Jam is over and so are the 2013 NORA Cup Awards. Each and every rider out there had his own winners picked, but check below to see who are the actual winner of the 18th annual NORA awards.
#1 Street Rider – Garrett Reynolds
#1 Dirt Rider – Mike “Hucker” Clark
#1 Flatlander – Viki Gomez
#1 Ramp Rider – Dennis Enarson
Best Video Part – Garrett Reynolds’ Deadline section
Video Of The Year – Deadline