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Markit Crew Edit

“In this months MARKIT edit we decided to do something a little different then we have in previous months. Here’s most of the crew plus a couple of MARKIT homies shredding some cement parks in Austin TX, and San Diego CA. Featuring Rob Wise, Chad Kerley, Mike Jonas, Dennis Enarson, Christian Rigal, Connor Lodes, Ronnie Napolitan, and Geoff Slattery. Enjoy!”Markit.
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Dennis Enarson Breaks Femur

Unfortunately Dennis Enarson broke his femur yesterday while filming outside with Christian Rigal. He was filming a double suicide truck and crashed hard. He just recover from shoulder separation and it was the first time on the bike. The worst thing is that all this happened on his 21st birthday. Seen on Demolition.

Best Of Dennis Enarson

Alli Sports put together a compilation of best clips from Dennis Enarson from the 2011 Dew Tour season. No matter what type of riding it is, Dennis will kill it with some unbelievable moves.
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AF-100 Visual Sample

Terrell Gordy got hooked up by a camera store with a Panasonic AF-100. He used and tested this thing out and wrote an article about it. The final products can be seen above and it features some really dope slow-mo riding clips from Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Connor Lodes and Ronnie Napolitan.
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How-To Barspin With Nike Team

Nike BMX: How to Barspin from Nike BMX on Vimeo.

While on the San Antonio trip Nike hit up Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Nigel Sylvester and Dennis Enarson to try their best to teach you how to do a proper bunnyhop barspin. Good luck with trying them.
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Nike San Antonio Sessions


I really can not find the words to describe the Nike’s San Antonio edit. Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, and Nigel Sylvester are throwing down tricks and lines that are unbelievable and completely insane, or should I go with retarded. Must see.
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Nike San Antonio Trailer

SAN ANTONIO SESSIONS – Trailer from Nike BMX on Vimeo.

“Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Nigel Sylvester, and Chad Kerley hit the streets and ditches of San Antonio for a new Nike BMX edit dropping on March 1st. Check this one-minute trailer for a taste of the BMX shredding on the way.”Nike.
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Dennis Enarson House Check

Cody York made a trip to San Diego during his stay in California last month to check a shot a few photos at Dennis Enarson’s house. Click on this link and check, what you can find in his house.

Defgrip Disposed – Nike In San Antonio

Nike crew haven’t been on a trip for a while now, so Nike decided to took Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds and Nigel Sylvester on a trip to San Antonio, along with Mark Losey and Ryan Navazio. The edit should be out soon. While waiting, check the photos.

How I Do – Dennis Enarson – Smith Grind

How I Do – Dennis Enarson – Smith Grind from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

Here is the new one from Haro’s “How I Do” with Dennis Enarson showing you how he does smith grinds.
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