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Nike – Baton Rouge

I think this is the moment we have all been waiting for. The Nike “Baton Rouge” edit is here and as expected amazing as it can get. Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Simone Barraco and Nigel Sylvester spent three days in Baton Rouge and pretty much murdered every street spot they found. So much style, so much skills, so much technicality. Just click play and watch them shred.
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Nike In Baton Rouge Trailer

Look who we have here, Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Simone Barraco and Nigel Sylvester. The Nike crew spent three days in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and in just three days filmed, what I assume will be, a mind blowing web video. Here is Ride BMX‘s exclusive trailer for the upcoming edit that should drop in the near future.
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Skullcandy #CrushingIt2OKC

And it is finally here. The Skullcandy #CrushingIt2OKC dropped and it is something you must not miss. Rob Wise, Dennis Enarson and Mike “Hucker” Clark along with Justin Kosman and Tim “Fuzzy” Hall took a trip from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma City to shred their bikes. I am sure they had the best time over at Mat Hoffman’s place and seeing Hucker pulling a massive flair on his vert is mind blowing.
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Skullcandy #CrushingIt2OKC Teaser

Skullcandy took Rob Wise, Dennis Enarson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Justin Kosman and Tim “Fuzzy” Hall on a seven days long trip from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma City to ride and film for an upcoming video. They now dropped the teaser for the final product, that will be out on 21st this month.
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Demolition “Last Chance” – Dennis Enarson

There aren’t many video section out there that are more than seven minutes long and every second of it is as crazy as it can be. Well, Dennis Enarson’s Demolition “Last Chance” section is. There is so much insane stuff in here, that you just don’t know where to start. At least ten moves in here, could be lead to death, but Dennis pulled them clean and smooth. Go and watch this time one more time, it deserves it.
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Haro BMX – Japan Tour

It is Sunday, the weather isn’t the best, so it is such a good and pleasant surprise to get to watch the Haro BMX Japan Tour video. Haro sent Ryan Nyquist, Dennis McCoy, Cory Nastazio, Dennis Enarson, Seth Klinger, Matthias Dandois and Ronnie Napolitan to Japan to hit plenty of amazing street, trails and skatepark spots, do demos and enjoy the life over there. Now here they are, back with a 22 minutes long video, directed by Terrell Gordy, that is a must see. You know the riding is on a top level in here and so is filming end editing. Hit play and enjoy.
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Connor Lodes San Diego Ramp Sessions

Connor Lodes San Diego Ramp Sessions – More BMX Videos

Connor Lodes hit Dennis Enarson’s Markit backyard ramp setup and the Haro ramps and brought out some super good riding. This one may be a bit relaxed, but it still is enjoyable, especially cause Connor can ride just everything and everything he does is so smooth.
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X Games Brazil Results

After the jump you can check the results from the X Games Brazil and above you can watch Kyle Baldock’s winning park run. Kyle not only won park, he also dominated dirt. And Jamie Bestwick once again showed who is the best in the world when it comes to vert riding.
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New Soul BMX Cover, Issue 79

Take a look at the cover of the latest issue of Soul BMX magazine, issue 79, featuring Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley, shot by Jeremy Pavia. Each issue comes with an exclusive Vinyl DVD.

Dennis Enarson Demolition Ad

This is Demolition’s latest print ad that you will find in the latest issue of the Ride BMX magazine, featuring Dennis Enarson with one crazy wallride to downside tailwhip and their Trooper plastic pedals.