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Demolition And Markit – Lost In Lone Star

You know what will you guys do next? You will watch the Demolition Parts and Markit BMX collaboration Lost In Lone Star trip video. San Antonio streets got murdered by Aaron Smith, Rob Wise, Connor Lodes, Geoff Slattery, Ronnie Napolitan and Dennis Enarson.

Dennis Enarson Bike Check

This is actually the first ever Markit bike check and to start era of bike check up on their web site, they went with Dennis Enarson’s green Haro SD version 2 setup. Now you know, what makes Dennis ride like he rides.

Dennis Enarson Haro SD V.2 Frame Promo 2013

Even if Dennis Enarson had a rough twelve months, he is one though guy and still gets crazy as hell. This new promo for his signature Haro SD V.2 frame is absolutely amazing. Dennis is definitely one of the best riders out there, bringing opposite barspins and tailwhips to the all new level. Must see.
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Dennis Enarson Demolition Ad

Demolition’s latest print ad featuring Denis Enarson and his collaboration Markit seat, shot on their Northeast Trails trip. This ad can be found in the 12th issue of The Albion magazine.

Dennis Enarson And Van Homan Broken Legs Interview

Both, Dennis Enarson and Van Homan broke their lags last year, but were not the only one who got injured. Dig now caught up with them to let every one know how they broke their legs, to give people in this kind of a situation some advices and more. Great read, especially for those who are injured at the moment.

Demolition Gum Colorway Out Now

Demolition’s all new gum colorway of grips is out now. Their main goal was to match the color to their tan/gum tires and I think they achieved the goal. Missile and Rob Wise grips are the first available in this color and soon Dennis Enarson’s will be also.

Behind The Scenes W/ Kerley, Enarson, Simms, Catfish & Others

Behind-the-Scenes with Kerley, Enarson, Simms, & More — More BMX Photos

A really dope photo gallery giving you a behind the scenes look at how session with Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Miles Rogoish, Brad Simms, Corey Bohan, Paul DeMarcus and many more look like. Loving the black and white photos, just loving it.

Steve Woodward Rips Dennis Enarson’s Backyard

Steve Woodward head to San Diego to visit Dennis Enarson and to shred his backyard ramps. Steven can sure go big over jump boxes and at quarter pipes, but he also has ball to get scary pegless over icepick stalls and back pulled. The last one is insane.
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Freedom BMX – Best OF 2012

More BMX Videos
Here is five and a half minutes of the best clips from the year 2012, that Freedom BMX shot at various contests and other projects. Bruno Hoffmann, Harry Main, Mark Webb, Dan Foley, Dennis Enarson, Kevin Peraza, Brett Banasiewicz and many more. This is madness.
It is also really good to see Brett and remember how good he is. I can not wait to see this guy back in action.
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Markit Nor Cal Flipbook

Make your way to the Markit web site, to check a really cool flipbook, that was made by one of Markit’s family members and really good photographer Brandon Means, while they were on a trip around Northern California last month.