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[Re-Up] Demolition X QBP – North East Trails Trip

This amazing video is now embeddable and it sure deserves another watch.

Exclusive Demolition X QBP North East Trails Trip edit featuring Chris Doyle, Dennis Enarson, Ronnie Napolitan, Dave Dillewaard, Kris Fox, Mike “Hucker” Clark along with Mike Mastroni behind the lens and photographer Joey Cobbs. The trip was pretty much organized by Doyle with help from Demolition and QBP, where he took the crew to some of the finest North East trails. With a crazy team like this one was, you know you will be seeing tons of good riding.
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Red Bull Skylines Results

Did you watch the Red Bull Skylines contest at the Grand Palais in Paris, France live on your computer? If no, I know you are dying right now to see the highlights, cause for now, all I can say that it was one of the craziest contests of the year. The objects were so freaking big and that only means one thing, riders were also going crazy and big over the ramps.
Here are the final results:
1. Ryan Nyquist
2. Dennis Enarson
3. Daniel Dhers
4. Ben Hennon
Riders Choice – Dennis Enarson
Best Trick – Ryan Nyquist (Cannonball double barspin)
Best Line – Ben Hennon

New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 187

Dennis Enarson pulling a crazy backflip tailwhip for the 187th cover of the Ride BMX magazine, shot by Ryan Fudger. If you are curious what’s inside this mag, click here and find out.

Red Bull Skylines Practice Highlights

Red Bull Skylines Practice a BMX video by freedombmx

Now here is the first real edit from the Red Bull Skylines practice that is currently happening in Paris, France featuring Drew Bezanson, Dennis Enarson, Daniel Sandoval, Kriss Kyle, Alex Coleborn, Kevin Kalkoff, Ryan Nyquist and more. The course for this contest is completely insane.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Style – Dennis Enarson Run

This is Dennis Enarson’s first run at 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Style contest. Dennis definitely throw down some original lines and this is why he got on the second place, right behind Garrett Reynolds.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Style Highlights

The course for the 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Style contest was amazing. They actually took part of the road, close it and built street objects and a few ramps on it. Here are the highlights for all you who missed it featuring Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Scotty Cranmer, Corey Martinez, Dakota Roche and more.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Style Results

The 2012 Dew Tour Street Style contest is over with Garrett Reynolds pulling a perfect last run, that got him on top spot, what made Dennis Enarson getting second and Scotty Cranmer third. The setup was amazing and very difficult to ride, because we all know what kind of roads SF has. You get tons of speed in a matter of meters, but that does not stop one of the top BMX riders in the world, from pulling some amazing riding.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Dirt Finals Highlights

And now, get ready for the dirt finals highlights at 2012 Dew Tour in San Francisco where Ryan Nyquist took the win, followed by TJ Ellis and Colton Satterfield. Also featuring riding from Dennis Enarson, Kyle Baldock, Luke Parslow, Kevin Peraza and James Foster.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Finals Highlights

Here is something we were all waiting for. The 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco street finals highlights are here, featuring riding from top eight riders, Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Bruno Hoffmann, Dennis Enarson, Sean Sexton, Ty Morrow, Dakota Roche and Stevie Churchill. Watch and be amazed.
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Dennis Enarson – Road To Recovery

A short edit that Alli Sports made about Dennis Enarson and his fractured femur from back in April. It is now only about five months since the accident and Dennis is back on the bike, already killing it, as we saw at 2012 Texas Toast Jam and Dew Tour San Francisco, like it was nothing.
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