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First Look At Dew Tour Portland, Oregon Dirt Course

Take a first look at Dew Tour Portland, Oregon stop Dirt course with Nate Berkheimer. Seen on Alli.

Kyle Baldock, First Rookie To Win Dew Tour, Interview

Kyle Baldock, 20 years old, is the first rookie who won the Dew Tour. Above is his reaction after finding out he won the finals.

2011 Ocean City Dew Tour – Park Prelims Video

Here is the park prelims video made by rideBMX from 2011 Ocean City Dew Tour featuring Zack Warden, Alessandro Barbero, Harry Main, Diogo Canina, Gary Young, Jeremiah Smith, Brandon Dosch and many more. Insanity.

Ocean City Dew Tour Park First Look

Take a tour with Ryan Nyquist, who will show you his masterpiece in Ocean City, Maryland.

Ryan Nyquist Designs Dew Tour Opening Course

Ryan Nyquist designed the course of 2011 Dew Tour Pantech Open stop that will come to Ocean City, Mid on July 21st – 24th. “Throughout the years, you get familiar with the different setups, and I just wanted to pack in all of my favorite ramps into one course, and make it so everything flowed really well. Having big ramps was really important to me. I wanted a course that you could ride with high speed, and do transfers, and offers different options. Just a really fun course where you could go big on stuff.”– Ryan Nyquist. Seen on ESPN.

T.J. Lavin Says Thanks

T.J. Lavin says thanks to all his fans and sponsors for helping him out during his injury that he suffered at the Las Vegas Dew Tour in October 2010. For full article visit ESPN.