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Dew Tour Ocean City – Park Practice Video

The Dew Tour on Ocean City, Maryland has started and the video from the first day of practice is here. Ride BMX captured a few clips on their camera from Harry Main, Pat Casey, Ryan Guettler, Ryan Nyquist, Chad Kerley, Daniel Sandoval, Daniel Dhers and more.
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Dew Tour 2013 Dates And Locations

Alli Sports dropped on their Dew Tour micro site dates and locations of the 2013 Dew Tour. As you can see above, the three stops will happen in Marylan, June 20th-23rd, California, October 10th-13th, and Colorado, December 12th-15th.

Stop No. 2 – Dew Tour San Francisco

We know Dew Tour is San Francisco already took place a few weeks back, but this one still features some good times on the bikes from Drew Bezanson and Jamie Bestwick. They also talk about how they prepared (focused on Drew) for the event. It is nothing more that having sessions done all the time and not pressuring yourself on learning crazy new tricks.

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Kyle Baldock Best Of Dew Tour San Francisco

Here is a compilation of the best tricks, that Kyle Baldock pulled during the dirt contest at Dew Tour stop in San Francisco. Kyle nailed down all bunch of insane and mind blowing tricks with a cliffhanger frontflip that got him on the top spot in the best trick contest. Get ready for some madness.
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Garrett Reynolds Best Of Dew Tour San Francisco

Take a look back at some of the best tricks and lines Garrett Reynolds threw down at the street and street style contests at Dew Tour in San Francisco. His consistency and style made him go home with two wins. Seen on Alli Sports. One more thing, those double trucks are too quick.
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Chad Kerley Talks Dew Tour, X Games, Premium & Markit

Go Inside Alli Sports with Chad Kerley talking about competing at Dew Tour and X Games, what he feels when his name is called and also hear from him about Premium, his signature frame and Markit. Along with that, there is plenty of riding clips from contests and random sessions. Enjoy.
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Dew Tour Live – Kyle Baldock

Erica Yary sat down with Kyle Baldock after the dirt finals in San Francisco to talk about the competition, competitors, crazy huge jumps, making music, preparing for contests, Halloween and much more.
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Demolition At The SF Dew Tour

Head over to the Demolition site to check out a flipbook they have from the 2012 Dew Tour in San Francisco that went down this past week. Dirt, street and street style action. Check it out.

San Francisco Dew Tour – Dirt Best Trick

San Francisco Dew Tour: Dirt Best Trick – More BMX Videos

More footage from the 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Dirt best trick competition featuring Kyle Baldock, Kevin Peraza, TJ Ellis, Anthony Napolitan, Colton Satterfield, James Foster and Pat Casey. If you are down for some crazy wild tricks, enjoy.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Style – Dennis Enarson Run

This is Dennis Enarson’s first run at 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Style contest. Dennis definitely throw down some original lines and this is why he got on the second place, right behind Garrett Reynolds.
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