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Mongoose At 2012 Dew Tour Ocean City

Video highlights from the 2012 Dew Tour that went down in Ocean City with Mongoose riders Ben Wallace, Cam White and Steve McCann, riding skatepark course, megaramp, dirt course and vert. A lot is going on around Mongoose at Dew Tour since they are the proud sponsor of the event, so click play and see it for yourself.
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Cam White Preparing For The San Francisco Dew Tour

Here is a video interview with Cam White where he talks about getting ready for this year’s San Francisco Dew Tour stop, how everyone on the roll in has the chance to take it along with some riding clips from previous Dew Tours and random sessions.
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Alpinestars At Dew Tour Ocean City

More stuff from Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland, this time from the Alpinestars crew. Vert riding is really getting crazier and crazier, but Jamie Bestwick is still the one, who is the best in the game.

Vans Team At Dew Tour Ocean City

Watch Vans rider shredding vert and park at this past weekend’s Dew Tour in Ocean City. Featuring Coco Zurita, Simon Tabron, Ryan Guettler, Scotty Cranmer, Andy Buckworth, Gary Young, Rob Darden, Daniel Sandoval, Diogo Canina, Pat Casey and Kyle Baldock.
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Dew Tour – BMX Pros Break Down The Park Competition

“Head to Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland to hear from Brett Banasiewicz, Kyle Baldock, Scotty Cranmer, Drew Bezanson, Andy Buckworth and Ryan Nyquist as they take you through the BMX Park competition. From the new course, to what each of these guys bring to the table and what to take away from the new Dew Tour, take it from the pros as they take you Inside BMX.”Alli
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Monster Energy At 2012 Dew Tour Ocean City

Check out some of the madness from the Monster Energy team at Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland featuring Scotty Cranmer, Ben Wallace, Cam White, Harry Main, Kyle Baldock, Jamie Bestwick, Ryan Guettler and Pat Casey. Bunnyhop flip, big flip double tailwhip, 540 superman seat grab and much more.
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FBM At Dew Tour Photogallery

Defgrip posted a photogallery with sixteen photos featuring FBM guys on their weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland for the Dew Tour. Click here and check this pictures out.

Best Of Dew Tour Ocean City

A collection of best moments from the Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland that went down this past weekend. For one more time, watch guys getting crazy at BMX and skateboarding Vert contest, Megaramp 2.0, bowl and skatepark.
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Kyle Baldock Collaborates With THX

Dew Tour teamed up with DJ Skee and THX to produce original tracks for the Dew Tour programing on NBC Sports. They called Kyle Baldock to tell them what what he fells and to help them out picking the right tunes.
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Dew Tour Ocean City Flatland Highlights

Finally the video higlights from the Dew Tour Ocean City flatland where Terry Adams and Matthias Dandois were battling each other for the first place. At the end Matthias bet Terry and went home with a check for $5,000.
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