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Getting Serious With Ben Hucke – Episode 9

Diamondback’s Ben Hucke heads to UK for his ninth episode of the Getting Serious series where he is pretty much hitting skateparks all the time, but somehow managed to convince the crew to also get some street riding done. Lot of solid riding in here and lot of hilarious moments. Hit it.
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Diamondback – Parker Heath 2013 Edit

Parker Heath Diamondback 2013 from Kalin Law on Vimeo.

Parker Heath is another really young gun who is killing in on a BMX bike. This is his 2013 edit for his sponsor Diamondback and I assume also the last web edit for this year. Great mix of trails and skatepark riding and a big amount of awesome tricks are things that make this one a must see.
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Mike Gray For Diamondback

Insane edits continue to drop this day and this is probably the craziest. Mike Gray went all in with filming for his new Diamondback web video. This thing is mind blowing and will make your jaw drop several times. I actually don’t even know where to start, because there is so much goodness in here it is almost ridiculous. But I will say one more thing before I let you press the play button, that drop… holy fvck. What was Mike even thinking? But he cleared it pretty perfectly. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Justin Browne.
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Diamondback – Halahan Trail Edit

Diamondback Halahan Trail Edit from Geo Jenkins on Vimeo.

Now this is simply amazing. Lukas and Nathan Halahan are brothers who are shredding 16″ and 18″ Diamondback Season pro bikes and are going smooth as hell. This edit was recorded at the JP’s trails in Pittsburgh, PA and will be probably the highlight of the day. Enjoy.
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Diamondback – Kagen Doyle Edit

Kagen Doyle from DiamondbackBMX on Vimeo.

A really solid mix of street, skatepark and also trails riding from Diamondback flow rider, Kagen Doyle. This guy is a freaking shredder and in case you don’t know much about him, hit play and et familiar with this name now.
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Diamondback “In Transit Tour”

Back in September we posted the trailer for Diamondback’s “In Transit Tour” video and today we are posting the final product which features riding from Ben Hucke, Jay Cowley, Ollie Palmer, Roger Soler, Nik Ford, Aaron Nardi and Karl Feix. Seat Back, relax and enjoy while the crew shreds and kills skateparks.
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Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX Part 2

Volume at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Volume Bikes
Here is more from this year’s Interbike show, brought to you by Vital BMX. Find out what is new in store from Volume Bikes, S&M Bikes, Diamondback, Stranger, Hyper and Eastern Bikes after the jump and start saving money for all the new cool stuff you will buy for your bike. I am really looking forward to see the big fat S&M Bikes Mainline tire in person, because this thing is monstrous.
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Diamondback “In Transit Tour” Trailer

Ollie Palmer, Karl Feix, Ben Hucke, Jay Cowley, Roger Soller, Aaron Nardi and Nik Ford in a trailer for Diamondback’s upcoming video “In Transit Tour.” If being on a tour with a heavy crew as this one, you know wild things will go down.
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Diamondback – Matt Closson 2013 Edit

Matt Closson put some heavy work over the past few months on the streets of southern California with Larry Alvarado behind the lens for his sponsor Diamondback. It is kinda pointless to start naming all those insane stuff that Matt pulled, cause I will ruin everything, so click play above and enjoy. TCU exclusive.
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Mike Gray Video Bike Check

Watch Mike Gray while he runs you through his current Diamondback setup along with enjoying the moves he nailed down (there are a few really big ones in here). Mike like’s his five year old FBM seat post and doesn’t care if his Markit pivotal seat is broken.
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