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Getting Serious With Ben Hucke – Portland, Oregon

ESPN dropped a new installment in the Getting Serious with Ben Hucke series where Ben visits Portland, Oregon and does a bunch of shredding at local skateparks. I really like how there is almost only riding in here and nothing else, but not only from Ben, also from Bruce Crisman, Aaron Nardi and others. Ben pulled his first switch toothpick hangover in here and Little Jeff did a killer cruise around the park first time after three months. Enjoy.
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Diamondback X Ben Hucke – Invitational Street Jam

Next month July 27th, 2013, Ben Hucke and Diamondback are inviting you to a contest in Utah that is Not Invitational. It is going to be a street style jam with a best trick where all the riders are welcomed. What a better way to meet people, hang out, chill and shred bikes.

Win Diamondback Nightseeker Frame

Diamondback is hosting a giveaway up on their Facebook page, where they are giving away Ben Hucke’s signature Nightseeker frame. There is not much to do to enter, just like their page and share this photo and you are in.

Diamondback 2013 Roadtrip

Back in March the Diamondback crew, Ben Hucke, Darrin Reed, Matt Closson, Michael Gray and Connor Mcentire, hit the road and went on a trip to Arizona, to hit streets, ditches, trails and also skateparks. Here it is now, officially premiered on TCU and it is stacked with crazy good clips. Some gaps, some technical stuff and some wild stuff.
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Matt Closson Diamondback Ad

Matt Closson going high in the sky with a toboggan for Diamondback’s latest print ad, to promote the new Nightseeker frame (Ben Hucke’s signature), for the Ride BMX’S July issue.

Diamondback – Jay Cowley The Nightseeker Promo

Jay Cowley testing out Ben Hucke’s signature Diamondback Nightseeker frame with boosting some massive airs, going technical and pulling some big gaps. I like his front wheel combos, look so rad. I guess, this is a perfect way to test a frame and it sure passed the test.
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Diamondback – Lukas And Nate Halahan

This is so cool. Really young guns, Lukas and Nate Halahan are doing it for Diamondback at the Wheel Mill, Imperail and Polish Hill skateparks. These two are already boosting some nice airs and getting a few tricks done here and there. Enjoy.
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Matt Closson In Riverside

Matt Closson in Riverside – More BMX Videos

Here is a quick and sweet one from Diamondback’s Matt Closson riding streets, skateparks and trails around Riverside, California. Matt is an all around shredder, so he has no problems with going high in the sky or getting some fun done on the rails.
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Diamondback – Ollie Palmer Edit

UK Diamondback rider Ollie Palmer having some fun at this indoor skatepark, laughing and pulling all bunch of good trick in front of Ian Black’s camera. This can be called a chill edit, because Ollie has a big bag of tricks and we all know how crazy he can go.
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Diamondback – Jay Cowley Is Starting The New Year With Rock ‘N’ Roll

Jaw Cowley started the new year with Rock ‘N’ Roll and with filming all bunch of techincal and big stuff at various skateparks and streets spots in England. His long dreadlocks aren’t stopping him from getting all those spins done. The 720 footjam to fakie on a quarter was sick.
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