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Ben Hucke – Getting Serious In Los Angeles

Diamondback’s Ben Hucke keeps getting busier and busier. In this third episode he tries to fight to Shanon Slack, plays a game of BIKE on a mini ramp with Rick Thorne, visits Quintin, rides some concrete with Raul Ruiz, gets a Shadow logo tattooed and of course parties with some ladies.
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Rob Armour At The Animal House

Rob Armour at The Animal House – More BMX Videos

Banger after banger after banger. Diamondback’s Rob Armour went serious at The Animal House recently, pulling some insane tricks like 540 flair, 900, double tailwhip to over pedal stall to 270, hop frontflip, hop 360 tailwhip and much more.
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Diamondback – Matt Closson End Of 2012 Edit

Jeff Wescot spent some time with Diamondback’s Matt Closson to get some filming done for the End Of 2012 edit. This one may be short, but it is very powerful. It has tons of solid street moves in it that you don’t wanna miss. Enjoy.
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Chris Czako 2012 Edit

Chris Czako is doing it for Diamondback and Dead Sailor crew over in the UK and to show them love and support back, he filmed this awesome new edit at two of his local parks, Mount Hawke and Wooden Waves skateparks. Chris likes throwing tailwhips and tailwhip combos, for example nothing to tailwhip was one of the best in this one.
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Ben Hucke – Getting Serious In Taiwan

Diamondback dropped the second episode of the “Getting Serious”, where they sent Ben Hucke to Taiwan to check the production line for his signature Night Seeker frame. When Ben is done with the business, he, Matt Closson and Mike Hammond get a few days off to explore Taipei and Taichung for a few days. They came back with tons of good stuff for you to check out.
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Diamondback X Alienation Giveaway

Diamondback and Alienation teamed up to get a giveaway done. They are giving away this dialed looking SeaHawk bike mixed up with Alienation parts. All you need to do to enter is to click on this link and tell them why you or your friend need this bike.

Jay Cowley – Running Hop Flair

Diamondback’s UK connection Jay Cowley came out with a pretty sick version of how to pull a flair on a quarter pipe. He runs, jumps on the bike, that is set right in front of the quarter, and pulls a flair.

Diamondback Camping Trip

Well this is pretty much who every trip should look like, fun, good times and riding, without any pressure of what you need to do. Watch Ben Hucke, Matt Closson, Nate Berkheimer and Mike Hammond giving you insides on the recent Diamondback Nortwest trip along with some really cool footage.
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Ben Hucke – Getting Serious At Texas Toast

Ben Hucke went down to Austin, Texas a few weeks back for the Texas Toast Jam, cause he definitely didn’t want to skip the event. Watch this guy getting a few lines done at the street course of the event and at House skatepark with Dan Bogard. Filmed and edited by Aaron Nardi. Those candy bar nose manuals or maybe better, candy bar vader sliders are so good.
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Ben Hucke Bike Check

Up on Diamondback site you will find Ben Hucke’s current Night Seeker whip mixed with Shadow Conspiracy’s perma blue parts. If you missed him, testing his new signature Belmont shoes from Almond, click here.