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New DIG Cover, Issue 98

Clint Reynolds scored himself the cover of the 98th issue of the DIG BMX magazine with going super stylish over a set of trails. Two more months and DIG will be celebrating it’s 100th issue.

Stop By Stop Spot By Spot Zine

32 page Dig exclusive photo-zine of amazing shots from Fred Murray, shot during DUB X Monster Energy Street Series, that happened in Barcelona, Frankfurt, Rotterdam, Glasgow and Liverpool.
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New DIG Cover, Issue 97

This massive one tailwhip over the fence to flat from Dennis Enarson scored him the cover for the new Dig magazine issue, issue 97. This thing is madness and if you saw the new Markit Zero video you already know that.

DIG At Texas Toast 2013

I must admit, these are probably the best video highlights from the Texast Toast Jam 2013, made by no other than Markus Wilke for DIG. These are not only about riding, but also about riders and their wildest, weirdest moments from the whole weekend. Hit play and see what are the stories and get a dose of the madness that went down. Enjoy.
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Tyler Fernengel – Dig 96 Behind The Scenes In Detroit

Tyler Fernengel has an interview in the 96th issue of the DIG magazine, the “Youth Of Today” issue and this is a little behind the scenes look at shooting photos in Detroit with Andrew White and David Leep. Tyler is one crazy kid and is capable of pretty much everything.
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Chad Kerley Cinema Ad

This is Chad Kerley’s first ever Cinema print ad that you can find in the 96th issue of the Dig magazine. Chad with a big 180 over a rail to half cab tailwhip to promote Cinema’s VX front hub.

Alex Donnachie Athens BSD Ad

Alex Donnachie with a nollie to double peg grind down the rail for BSD’s latest print ad, that is featured in the 96th issue of the Dig magazine, promoting the Stamp and Slinger seats.

Dig X Anthony Perrin In Budapest

As part of Anthony Perrin’s interview in DIG magazine, issue 96, “Youth Of Today” issue / The Kids issue, they made a trip to Budapest, Hungary to explore the city and to film this amazing and ridiculously good web video. I don’t really know where to start, because you know Anthony always shuts our months with his riding and this one is no different. The only thing I will comment is that barspin over 22 stairs… insanity. Must see.
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New Dig Cover, Issue 96

Tyler Fernengel is featured on the cover of the 96th issue, or “The Kids Issue” of Dig magazine with this absolutely ridiculous drop. This issue of the magazine will be all about the young shredders, so if you would like to know more about them, make sure you get a copy.

Cult – Trey Jones Sessions

Officially premiered over on Dig web site, here is fresh new footage of Cult’s rider Trey Jones. I always get stoked when I see something new from Trey, cause I just know it is going to be really good and this one is no exception. Fast and original style of riding and I guess everyone likes that. The nose bonk into a nose manual down the curved ledge and that massive tuck no-hander to “fire cracker,” or how to say it in BMX, were the best. Enjoy.
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