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The Nocturnal Volume 2

The Nocturnal Volume 2 from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

The Nocturnal is a video project that was first shot a few years back at the Joyride 150 indoor skatepark with an idea to turn off all the overhead light and shot an edit using only reflectors and video lights. Now they are back with the second installment in the project shot at the skate plaza of the Joyride 150 featuring Drew Bezanson, Mike Gray, Ben Kavanagh and Dillon Lloyd. So much good riding in here… enjoy.

Endeavorbmx – The Nocturnal from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

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Le Taz Pepsi Contest Highlights

Video highlights from the Le Taz Pro Am contest the recently went down in Montreal, Canada. The level of riding at this contest was extremely high, but it was Mike Varga who got on the first spots, followed by Dillon Lloyd and Joel Bondu.
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Dillon Lloyd Macneil Ad

Dillon Lloyd with a monster move for his upcoming signature frame from Macneil, the Diller frame, which should be available in early spring. This print ad is featured in the 195 issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Eclat – Dillon Lloyd 2013 Edit

After being off the bike for a while due to a really bad crash, Dillon Lloyd is now back and already murdering street spots for his sponsor Eclat. The manual down that rail towards the end was mad. And this is “just a welcome back edit”?
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Ten Pack’s Ottawa/Montreal Weekend

Ten Pack Distribution loaded up the van with Chijioke Okafo, Greg Henry, Chris Silva and Dillon Lloyd in late July for a four days long weekend of fun in Ottawa and Montreal. They finally put together all the clips they collected on a trip and made this piece for you to check out.
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FFWDBMX – Vancouver Jibbin’

Mike Kinkg from Fast Forward BMX dropped a sweet mix edit featuring Greg Flag, Taylor Elvy, Adam Piatek, Matt Desson, Dave Scott and Dillon Lloyd. Some leftover clips, some new clips, but all of them are worth a watch. Enjoy.
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Eclat – Kings Of Kong Tour

Eclat team riders Dillon Lloyd, Darryl Tocco, Nathan William, Shane Weston and Anthony Perrin took a trip to Honk Kong last month and tried to get the most out of it. With a heavy crew as this one you know heavy, wild, crazy, ridiculous and insane stuff will go down and they sure did. All five pulled a big amount of serious stunts and this video documents them all. You better get comfy and seat tight, cause otherwise it will blow you away.
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Macneil – Dillon Lloyd’s Signature Diller Frame Sneak Peek

Dillon Lloyd recently build himself up a fresh new bike using his signature (prototype) Diller frame from Macneil. No more info nor release date yet, but you can check a few more closeup shots of his bike up on their page. All the specifications and all other stuff that goes along the release of this frame will drop in the upcoming months.

Dillon Lloyd Welcome To Vans

Dillon Lloyd has been working on his welcome to Vans team edit with Mike King over the course of three weeks and besides all the injuries, bad weather and Rambo marathons they filmed a banger welcome edit. Dillon not only goes really technical on the streets, but he can also bust some serious airs in the skateparks. The quick nollie truck and that tailwhip drop were ridiculous.
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Gleamin’ – NMTBS

Some really good riding, some fooling around and yet again some even more good riding from Jordan Hango, Taylor Elvy, Matt Desson, Mike Boag, Jared Chilko, Luke Santucci, Dillon Lloyd and more.
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