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Diogo Santos On Federal

Federal was following Diogo Santos and his riding for a while now, but it is today when they announce him as the newest addition to the team. No idea if there will be a welcome to the team edit, but in a few days a bike check will drop, so stay tuned.

One Dude One Day – Diogo Santos In Glasgow

Last year Diogo Santos made a trip to Glasgow, Scotland, where he met up with the local shredders and cruised around to kill some street spots. Freedom BMX’s own Markus Wilke spent a day with him filming stuff and this is what they managed to get. Diogo is a sick guy and here are a few really solid moves. Enjoy.
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Rolo And Diogo Split Edit

rolo + diogo from Ruben José on Vimeo.

I don’t know what Rolo’s full name is, but I know that Diogo’s is Diogo Santos and here they are shredding concrete and streets, while Ruben Jose is testing his new dvx100. Raw and solid.
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Merritt – Inaugural Stem Promo

Inaugural Stem Promo from Merritt Bmx on Vimeo.

If you give a steam to a heavy crew of riders like Merritt’s team is and if it holds everything, then it holds the world. Check out this promotional video to promote the launch of the Merritt Inaugural frontload and topload stem. Featuring riding from Mike Brennan, Paul Barnum, Dave Krone, Jim Borio, Diogo Santos, Justin Care, Brandon Begin, Cory Wiergowski, Stephan Salley, Greg Henry, Scott McMenamin, Dustin Lee, Pete Sawyer, Charlie Crumlish, Steve Savage, Pablo Nunez and Chris Childs.
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BMX Atitude – Diogo Santos

BMX Atitude – Diogo Santos from Ruben José on Vimeo.

A collection of footage that was lost and now found from Diogo Santos shredding concrete, streets and also dirt. It would really suck if this footage got lost forever, cause it is good stuff.
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Dub X Monster Street Series – Liverpool

The Dub X Monster Street Series in Liverpool went down on September 21st, 2013 and here are video highlights, brought to you by Freedom BMX. Dan Paley, Bruno Hoffmann, Diogo Santos, Ollie Shields, Phil Demattia, Pete Sawyer and other destroyed spots they hit. It was Paley who won, Santos who scored second place and Hoffmann who got third.
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ATTD Mixtape Vol. 2

After ten months of filming, Ruben Jose is happy to release the second ATTD Mixtape featuring Filipe Vieira, Afonso Pires, Gustavo Goncalves, Andre Palma, Telmo Silva, Bruno Espanha, Marco Fragoso, Tago Bicho, Tiago Rato, Rodrigo Almeida, Pedro Ferreira, Diogo Santos, Pedro Bras and many many more. Portugal has a lot of great riders and this is a good example that I am right. Mostly skatepark riding, but there is also some street and trails riding in here for a good measure.
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DUB 2013 Street Series Round 4 – Glasgow Official Highlights

The forth round of the DUB 2013 Street Series went down on Saturday, August 24th, 2013 in Glasgow, Scotland and these are official video highlights from Monster Energy. I know we have already seen footage from this amazing day, but since tons and tons of great stuff went down it definitely is worth taking another watch. featuring Dan Paley, Alex Donnachie, Diogo Santos, Mike Curley, Tony Malouf and many more.
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Dub X Monster Street Series – Glasgow By Freedom BMX

Another amazing video highlights from the Dub X Monster street series stop in Glasgow, Scotland, brought to you by people over at Freedom BMX. The day was full of insane riding, but first place went to Dan Paley, second to Diogo Santos and third to Alex Donnachie. I guess we are now waiting for the official highlights and that would be it.
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Dub Streetjam – Glasgow

Dub Jam: Glasgow – More BMX Videos

Here is the first video from the Dub Streetjam that went down in Glasgow, Scotland, featuring Mike Curley, Dan Paley, Alex Donnachie, Sam Jones, Paul Ryan, Tony Malouf, Liam Zingbergs, Diogo Santos and more. The streets over there are amazing, but what is more amazing is the riding that went down from all of the shredders. Expect to see at least one more highlights from the day in the upcoming days. Enjoy.
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