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Disco Stu – A day In The Life Outtakes

Disco Stu – A Day in the Life OUTTAKES from dsab on Vimeo.

Now this is just hilarious. A collection of outtakes from filming for the original day in the life of Disco Stu. If you want to laugh here is something that will make you laugh really hard.

Nearly 2 – Disco Stu Section

Nearly. 2 – Disco Stu from Alex D on Vimeo.

Um… Where to start. This section is one of those sections that will make you speechless. Alex Donnachie made live Disco Stu’s section from the Nearly 2 video and if you haven’t seen it yet, you must do it right now. This is mental. So much insane gaps and drops, with one not-human ender. Just ridiculous.
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Disco Stu’s 2012 NASS Run

I know today will be a wild day, since I started the day with one wild, crazy, original and unique clip from Disco Stu and his run at the 2012 NASS festival. Last move was surprising and mind blowing, love it. Hit play now.
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Pipas Crew – January Edit

It’s only eleventh day of the new year and Pipas Crew already came out with a solid Barcelona, Spain street (mostly) edit. Featuring stunts from Gael Simon, Matteo Pellegrino, Mathieu Ferrero, Disco Stu, Guillaume Vesoux, Mike Molineri, pako

A Day In The Life Of Disco Stu

“Join Dsab superstar Disco Stu as he takes you through a hilarious day in his less than average life. Awesome park and street riding as always from Disco, plus more than a few twists n turns along the way. This is NOT your average, snore fest BMX day in the life. Try it and see…”Dsab

Zeal BMX Shop Tour July 2012

“In the first week of July some of the Zeal BMX Distribution team hit the road on a shop tour on their way to NASS festival: Isaac Lesser (Mankind), Sam Collisson (Alone), Disco Stu (Metal Bikes) and James Hitchcox (Standard / Alone). Here is the Go-Pro footage from the said trip…”– Aaron Bellerby

NASS Training With Disco Stu

“Top BMX pro Disco Stu took some time out to take you through his rigorous training regime for the upcoming NASS Festival. No trick is left un-pulled as Disco takes you through his complicated street, coping and jump box maneuvers, all in strict preparation for this coming July as we join the Zeal Distribution team on their Summer Shop Tour.”Dsab
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