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Alex Hiam Off Dishonour

After being part of the crew for several years now, Alex Hiam has parted ways with Dishonour, due to getting a better offer. No info where he is heading, but I am sure we will be posting the news very soon.

Brock Olive Dishonour Ad

Check out the latest Dishonour Brand ad featuring Brock Olive with a double peg to hard over 360. You can find this one in the latest issue of the 2020 magazine. Wild move.

Dishonour X Stay Deadly X Crispy Stream Hats & T-Shirts

Dishonoru Brand has teamed up with Stay Deadly and Crispy Stream to bring out something special before the Christmas time. They brought out a limited edition snapback hats and a T-shirt which includes 15 photos from Crispy’s archives. Find more here.

Mikey McMah Dishonour Ad

This is Dishonour Brand’s latest ad featuring Mikey McMah getting a tailwhip done on this wild roof setup for Focalpoint’s latest issue, issue 30, that you can check on this link.

Dishonour – Matt “Tenna” Spencer Rail Session

Matt Spencer aka Tenna having a session at this rail at Albury skatepark in the name of Dishonour Brand. A few nice moves worth checking out.
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New Dishonour Products

Dishonour Brand received some new products for you guys, knit and pom pom beanies, crewnecks and T-shirts. Take a look at all the stuff here.

Dishonour – Camo Drop Session Edit

To celebrate the release of the camo up in smoke drop, Dishonour riders Dullah Djawas, Mozzy, Mikey McMah and Rhys Gogel threw down a night session at this wet concrete skatepark. Enjoy.
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Dishonour – Brock Olive Scraps

Here are some clips Brock Olive filmed over the past four months over the weekends, riding street and park spots. This is titled as “Scraps”, but I don’t think they are really scraps, cause there is plenty of awesome riding. Seen on Dishonour.
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Dishonour 2012 Autumn Products

Dishonour got a few products for all you. First are the Cali sunglasses (above), than Rasta logo hoodies and the Acid dye tees. Check them on this link, looking good.

Will Gunn Dishonour Ad

Dishonour Brand’s latest print ad for 2020 Magazine featuring Will Gunn with a huge hop on ledge to drop.