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DK Bicycles Team At The Simple Session 2014

Looks like this year Ryys will be dropping team videos from the Simple Session 2014 that went down past month and here is DK Bicycles team. DK sent Drew Bezanson, Mike Varga, Brian Kachinsky and Vinny Mannino to Tallinn, Estonia to have fun and to shred at, what could be sad, year’s best BMX contest. Unfortunately Vinny Mannino crashed pretty badly, which sucks, but he is doing good, so we are all stoked for him and wishing him a fast recovery. The rest of the DK Bicycles crew ended up without any serious injury and here they are, talking about the whole event, how massive the crowd is and BMX in general. Listen to this guy and you may learn a few things. It does not matter if it is a huge jump box trick or a super technical rail stunt, BMX is about having fun. Have thing in mind kids, because this is very important.
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Nina Buitrago Off DK Bicycles

After several years riding for DK Bicycles Nina BUitrago decided to leave the company. No more info on her decision yet, but I am sure she has something going on over there.
“After 6.5 fun yrs, I have chosen to go in different direction, and I have made the decision to leave DK Bicycles. Thanks for everything!!!!”

Brian Hunt And Chris Childs Off DK

Brian Hunt and Chris Childs are riding no more for DK Bicycles. No more info at the moment, but I am guessing something is already cooking over there.

DK Bicycles Harlem Shake

And this is just another random day with the DK Bicycles crew. This is their version of the Harlem Shake. Damn, I didn’t really knew what to expect, but this sure was funny.
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DK Bicycles – Andres Pardo Edit

DK Bicycles’ Columbian rider Andres Pardo has been really busy over the year of 2012 stacking all this amazing riding clips around skatepark and trails spots. I don’t really remember hearing name Andre Pardo before, but this guy can shred really hard. I wander what he will film in 2013.
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Anthony Watkinson Off DK Bicycles

Anthony Watkinson has officially parted ways with his long time sponsor DK Bicycles. We will definitely be posting the news, that Anthony was added on a new team soon. In the mean time watch his amazing Peep Game edit, which dropped the other day and read the Mellon 7’s interview we did with him.

[Re-Up] Brian Kachinsky’s 2012 Ride / DK Edit

The moment we have all been waiting for is here. Brian Kachinsky’s 2012 Ride BMX / DK Bicycles web edit just dropped and is even more amazing that I expected. Crazy gaps, nollie grinds, gaps to grinds, wallrides, crazy curved rails and more. Must see.
The edit is now embeddable and ready to get spread around the web.
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Jack Clark On Haro

If you watched Jack Clark’s web edit, we posted about two weeks ago, you noticed that he parted ways with DK Bicycles. Todays the news dropped that he joined Haro UK team. Read press release bellow.
“Vista, California. 19 December 2012. Haro Bicycles announces the addition of Jack Clark as the newest member of Team Haro for 2013. As of 1 December HARO’s BMX freestyle team program has expanded to Europe adding the young and talented Jack Clark to the squad. Jack will be entering the major competitions all over Europe and will take care of HARO’s brand awareness in the UK working closely together with Moore Large, Haro’s importer over in Derby, England.
The newly developed European HARO program is lead by Bart de Jong who picked Jack for several reasons: “Jack Clark is one of those riders who rides from the moment he sees the ramp and doesn’t stop riding until they turn off the lights. Jack has made an enormous progression over the last few years that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Not only in England, but across the border as well as he likes to travel to the international freestyle events to compete in the pro class.” Bart continues: “For HARO it makes sense to work with a young rider who pushes the limits on what’s possible on a bike and represents the brand well. I trust Jack Clark to get HARO Bikes in the picture.”
Jack has been added to the worldwide HARO program. This is what Colin Mackay, Haro US TM, said: “Jack is a young kid always making the cut in the big contests these days, he always puts on a show and I’m stoked to have this energy within the Haro team. Having Jack represent Haro just made sense. Welcome aboard!”
To say Jack is motivated and stoked is an understatement. Jack Clark: “To be a part of the Haro team is just amazing, when Bart came to me with this opportunity I was so excited, I just couldn’t wait for it to be announced that I’m going to be riding for Haro bikes. It’s crazy, my first ever BMX bike was a red 16 inch mini Haro haha. I heard of Haro bikes so long ago now, when I was around 8 years old I believe, and started riding when I was 12. Just shows how big the company really is in the BMX world and Now I ride for them!” He continued: “The next two years are just going to be unbelievable with the Haro brand, I just can’t wait to start getting around and be promoting Haro. My plans for the future are simple; ride, have fun, travel, meet new people, film and do as I usually do.”
We welcome Jack to the HARO Bikes team.”

Brian Kachinsky’s 2012 Ride / DK Edit Teaser

Brian Kachinsky is known by some crazy ass gaps and on the other hand by some really nasty crashes. But nothing can stop Brian and this teaser for his upcoming Ride BMX X DK Bicycles edit, that will drop next Monday, December 17th, is showing exactly that, his toughness. Crashes, raw clips and lifestyle. Definitely looking forward to this one.
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Fast Forward BMX – Jack Clark

Jack Clark definitely is one of the top skatepark riders in the UK at the moment and this edit, that was filmed just in a few days for the Fast Forward BMX, is a good proof of that. Jack also parted ways with his long time sponsors DK Bicycles through Scoop Distribution, but I think we’ll be seeing him getting hooked up by someone very soon.
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