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ABQ DNV – Montage Monday #1

ABQ DNV started with new web series, where they will be dropping a new Montage Monday mix edit the first Monday of every month. Here this first episode featuring Adam Accardi, Derek Dorame, Dom Roark, Chris Foehse, Joe Poisson, Johnny Atencio, Adam Perea, Andres Velasco, Alex Bingham, Derek Dial, Dustin Arp, Vidal Vigil, Bryan Cawthon, Austin O’Maley and Shane Van Velduizen.
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Almosa BMX Jam Highlights

Video highlights from the 2013 Almosa BMX Jam that went down in Albuquerque, New Mexico before the Double Ditch Jam. Pretty big amount of shredders came to murder the place. Riding from Adam Accardi, Dom Roark, Gabe Brooks, Matt Gutierrez, Gil Montoya, Denise Baca and many more.
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Rail Talk 2013

The Albuquerque locals have been working on a new video, called Rail Talk, over the past months and it is now here, ready for you to enjoy it. Featuring riding from Alex Gonzalez, Dom Roark, Derek Dorme, Dan Pederson, Vidal Vigil, Johnny Atencio, Matt Gannon, Chris Foehse, Gilbert Montoya, Mario Carrasco, Adam Perea, Marcial Armijo and Joe Poisson.

Rail Talk Trailer

Trailer for the Rail Talk DVD that will be premiering after the Double Ditch Jam on August 17th. What trailer shows is that the video will be really insane and there will of course be a lot of rail moves in it. Featuring Dom Roark, Gilbert Montoya, Derek Dorame, Chris Foehse, Mario Carrasco, Alex Gonzalez, Dan Pederson, Adam, Perea and Matt Gannon. Seen on TCU.
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Fresh Krew Double Dich Mixin

Fresh Krew’s latest mix edit they filmed on a road trip from Albuquerque NM to Denver. There is tons of really good street riding from Alex Gonzales, Chris “Fazy” Foehse, Little Johnny, Daniel “Danimal” Pederson, Mario Carrasco, Gilbert Montoya, Dom Roark, Derek Dorame, Mario Gorman, Brian Cawthorn and Termaine. Enjoy.

All In A Days Work

Dom Roark from Albuquerque, New Mexico cruised around the city, met up with his friend Alex Gonzales and together they threw down a solid Friday session on the streets.