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Awesome Rail Session

I guess this awesome rail session went down during Wethepeople Austumn Session at in Trier, Germany and it looks it was a pretty wild one. Dominik Wrobel from Woozy put these video highlights together featuring Daniel Tünte, Carlo Hoffmann, Kilian Roth, Moritz Nussbaumer and more.
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Autum Bikes – Marcel Gans At Zuppermarket

Dominik Wrobel from Woozy and Autum Bikes rider Marcel Gans recently teamed up, hit up the Zuppermarket indoor skatepark and stack some great park footage for this piece. Great style, great riding, great filming, great editing, what you want more?
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WTP Autumn Session – Moritz Nussbaumer

From October 5th to 6th Wethepeople will be hosting the Autumn Session jam at the Skatehalle in Trier, Germany. To promote the event, Moritz Nussbaumer and Dominik Wrobel got together to film a few lines at the park. For a promo video this is really heavy. Moritz is a very skilled young Germany rider.
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Simple Bikes – Skatepark Session 2013

Adrian Malmberg, Ed Zunda and Sascha Roll from Simple Bikes hit this skatepark (I just can not remember where this one is located, but somewhere in Germany) and nailed down some proper stuff. Sascha went pretty original with his riding and Adrian and Ed pretty tech, but all three killed it with their style and tricks. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Dominik Wrobel from Woozy.
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Simple Bike Co – Adrian Malmberg “3 Days In Germany”

Simple Bike Co’s Adrian Malmberg recently spent three days in Germany with Dominik Wrobel from Woozy, Ed Zunda and Markus Reuss (along with Mike Emde and a few others I guess) and he didn’t sleep, not at all, he was hitting streets all day everyday. For just three days of filming Adrian and Dominik came out with an amazing piece and the last icepick grind to 180 barspin was one of the sickest moves.
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Odyssey X Simple – Ed Zunda In Germany

Ed Zunda recently spent three days in Germany with Dominik Wrobel from Woozy and a couple other fellow BMX riders. Three days were just enough for Ed to produce a solid street web edit for his sponsors Odyssey and Simple. You know Zunda never disappoints and this one is no exception. The last double peg to hard 180 out on that step and short rail was mad.
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Vans – Kilian Roth Edit

Kilian Roth is ripping Vans shoes and to say how thankful he is for their support he made a trip to Cologne, Germany, met up with Dominik Wrobel and filmed one of his best edits ever. Style, tricks, filming, editing, song, everything fits together perfectly. You guys should better check this one out and get stoked.
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Vans At 2013 X Games Barcelona

Dominik Wrobel or globally known as Woozy put together this video from the 2013 X Games Barcelona, featuring the Vans riders who were ripping all courses, vert, skatepark, street and big air. Watch some action from Coco Zurita, Gary Young, Dan Lacey, Bas Keep, Bruno Hoffmann, Matthias Dandois and more.
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Sport Import – Best Of Mixtape

Dominik Wrobel from Woozy threw together this best of mixtape in the name of Sport Import, including all the best clips filmed over 2012 from Josh Betley, Tobias Wicke, Moritz Nussbaumer, Sergej Geier, Timm Wiegmann, Simon Moratz and many more.

Stefan Lantschner Best Of 2011 – 2012

A really good job Dominik Wrobel from Woozy did with making this best of Stefan Lantschner edit, throwing together clips filmed in the years 2011 and 2012. Super smooth style and passion for wallrides and euro tables. Enjoy.
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