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Crux Divison – Dorian Coleman 2014 Edit

Dorian Coleman Crux Division 2014 from Dorian on Vimeo.

It is only January 6th of 2014 and Crux Division’s Dorian Coleman is already out with a new web video. Dorian is murdering streets and that roof drop into a stairs ride was really dope (and scary).
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Dorian Coleman Summer Heat 2013

Crux Division rider Dorian Coleman was working on this one in the morning time or late night, since the summer weather in Las Vegas can get really warm, but still came out really hot.
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Crux Division – Dorian Coleman Spring 2013 Edit

The song in the back is pretty chill, but the edit Dorian Coleman filmed over the spring time for Crux Division is far from being chill. Drops, gaps, barspins, 360 and all bunch of good stuff is what this piece features. Check it out.
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Three Crux Division Bike Checks

The Crux Division crew and staff have been pretty busy lately with updates, bike check and other stuff. Now they dropped three bike check and there will be more to come. Make sure you check what Lea Silva, Alex Hammett and Dorian Coleman are currently riding.

Crux Division – Dorian Coleman 2013 Edit

Dorian Coleman is one of the Crux Division team members who spent some time riding streets and concrete in January for this new 2013 edit. The first half of the edit may be more on the chill side, but the second include a few really solid moves.
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Dorian Coleman Welcome To Crux Division

Las Vegas local Dorian Coleman is capable of filming a welcome to the team edit all by himself, without a camera guy. He self-filmed this welcome to Crux Division edit and it came out pretty good, even if all the clips are static.