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Fox BMX – Taco Tuesday With Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey And Zack Warden

Those bastards have to worry about what they will eat and we are killing ourself here with snow, Fox BMX just knows how to make us jealous and we like it. To showcase their Spring 2014 Mainline collection they met up with Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey and Zack Warden at Casey’s place. They threw a session down, later headed over to get some Tacos and after eating that delicious food, they did some street riding also. Nothing really insane going down in here, but with riders like Fox BMX has, you know things will look good no matter what. Seeing Pat Casey riding in shorts was kinda new, wasn’t it? Or maybe I missed something in his previous web edits. The collection is now available, so head over to their web site, or just contact your local shop or favorite mail order and get fresh.
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Shadow Conspiracy Crew At Simple Session 2014

Here are three minutes of amazing riding form Shadow Conspiracy crew doing it at this year’s version of the Simple Session event, the “best” contest of the year. Drew Bezanson, Trey Jones, Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Paul Ryan and Joris Coulomb all pulled plenty of really good stunts with a couple serious highlights. But it is no secret that Drew Bezanson’s riding is just mental. Especially when it gets to that insane 270 drop from the massive sub-box into quarter piper. Shadow Conspiracy has an amazing team that covers everything, insane park stuff, technical grinding moves and creativity. I also really need to mention Trey Jones, there are some sweet tricks and trick combos in here from him. I really liked the manual to backwards manual to manual. Barraco’s up nose many to tail tap to backwards nose many was also sick as hell.
Giving a short comment on the Shadow Conspiracy team, they are all just incredible riders.
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The Nocturnal Volume 2

The Nocturnal Volume 2 from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

The Nocturnal is a video project that was first shot a few years back at the Joyride 150 indoor skatepark with an idea to turn off all the overhead light and shot an edit using only reflectors and video lights. Now they are back with the second installment in the project shot at the skate plaza of the Joyride 150 featuring Drew Bezanson, Mike Gray, Ben Kavanagh and Dillon Lloyd. So much good riding in here… enjoy.

Endeavorbmx – The Nocturnal from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

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Drew Bezanson And Friends Shred The Vans Mini Ramp

Red Bull’s Drew Bezanson recently got a chance to threw down a privet session at the Vans skatepark. He invited a few friends to join him at the mini ramp and this is what happened. Drew along with Daniel Sandoval and Mike “Hucker” Clark completely destroyed the ramp and Drew did some really amazing stunts in it. The handplant on Hucer was gold.
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Drew Bezanson And Friends At The Ramp

Drew Bezanson and Friends at the Ramp from BUSINESS BMX on Vimeo.

Drew Bezanson was home for Christmas so they throw a session at the mini-ramp and this is what went down. Featuring Drew himself, Jeremy Gallant, Nick Palfrey, Marc Leger, Zack Williams, Dan Callahan, Corey Fraser and more. Fun spot and good riders means good riding clips.
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Shadow Conspiracy – KIL In Review

2013 was a busy year for The Shadow Conspiracy crew, being all over the United States making Keep It Local tours as sick as possible. Here is a collection of the footage filmed on tours featuring Trey Jones, Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Johnny Devlin, Ben Hucke, Seth Kimbrough, Drew Bezanson, Eric Bahlman, Albert Mercado, Mark Burnett and Jono Hoping.
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Nightmare “Good Laughs”

Jason Phelan released another amazing episode of the Nightamer series which includes lot of good times, laughs, jumping of waterfalls and of course tons of great riding from Ben Murphy, Kriss Kyle, Jason himself, David Godziek, Denis Enarson, Drew Bezanson and Martain Wroblewski.
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Red Bull Urban Rhythm Video

Here is now the video from the Red Bull Urban Rhythm event that went down in Houston. BMX riders were build this crazy course and graffiti artists were creating masterpieces on walls. Riding from Mike “Hucker” Clark, Mike Aitken, Coco Zurita, Tyler Fernengel, Drew Bezanson, Aaron Ross and more. Check out what happened over there by checking the vid above.
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Red Bull Urban Rhythm Teaser

Here is just a quick look at what was going on at the Red Bull Urban Rhythm event, that went down on November 20th in Houston. Riding from Mike “Hucker” Clark, Drew Bezanson, Morgan Wade, Tyler Fernengel, Dan Norvell and more. Can not wait to see the video highlights, this course is ridiculous.
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Red Bull “Riding Shotgun” Episode 4 – Shedding Scotland

Here is the fourth and last episode from Red Bull and Kriss Kyle’s “Riding Shotgun” series. Kriss met up with Drew Bezanson and Dennis Enarson in Glasgow, Scotland, to cruise around the city, to shred the famous Unit 23 skatepark, to cliff dive and to go camping. Unfortunately Drew got injured and ended the trip earlier, but they all managed to film a big amount of crazy good stuff for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.
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