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Drew Bezanson At 2011 Simpel Session

SIMPLE SESSION 2011 – Drew Bezanson from JC Pieri on Vimeo.

Here is a video from 2011 Simpel Session in Tallinn, Estonia dedicated to the winner Drew Bezanson. Check this one out to see how he wins the contest.

2011 Simpel Session Final Results And Photo Gallery

2011 Simpel Session Podium - Brett Banasiewicz, Drew Bezanson, Dennis Enarson - Photo by Fat.

2011 Simpel Session Podium - Brett Banasiewicz, Drew Bezanson, Dennis Enarson - Photo by Fat.

Here you have it, the final results of this years first contest. The winner is Drew Bezanson, second Brett Banasiewicz and third Dennis Enarson. For more photos of final runs and full list of finalists go to RideBMX site. For those who weren’t watching Simpel Session the video with highlights will be online soon.

2011 Simpel Session Qualifying Highlights Video

Finally! Here is RideBMX’s qualifying highlights video from 2011 Simpel Session in Tallinn, Estonia. After competing almost 100 riders you know that there will go down some serious stuff. And here is more than 12 minutes proof that guys were going nuts. You will find Brett Banasiewicz, Drew Bezanson, Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Michael Beran and a lot more in this video. Go to RideBMX site, to check the list of 25 riders that are going to the finals
Video by Fat

2011 Simpel Session – Short Interviews

Simpel Session 2011 Pre Contest Chats from RyyS on Vimeo.

Poland guy Ryszard Syryczy?ski got some riders to give their opinion about this years contest. In this video you’ll find Brian Kachinsky, Drew Bezanson, Ruben Alcantara, Stefan Lantschner, Catfish, Sergio Layos and a lot more.
Video by Ryszard Syryczy?ski

How-To Tailwhip Whith Drew Bezanson

This is the Alli Sports step by step with Drew Bezanson teaching you how to do a tailwhip. It was the hardest trick years ago but now everyone can do it.

The Friday Interview – Drew Bezanson Interview Excerpts

Drew Bezanson, No Handed 360

Drew Bezanson, No Handed 360

Ride BMX posted an interview and some photos of Drew Bezanson. This is what did not get into RideBMX’s, issue 170, 13 page interview with Drew.

Drew Bezanson: Clips From The Crypt

Drew Bezanson – Clips From The Crypt from Mark Butler on Vimeo.

Here is Drew Bezansons’s three year old footage. But because it is old it does not mean that it’s not worth watching. He is killing it on the street.
Video by Mark Butler,
Music: “Don’t Run Our Harts Around” by Black Mountain