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Kriss Kyle “Riding Shotgun” – Episode One

Kriss Kyle and Red Bull teamed up to get a new project done, which is called “Riding Shotgun.” Here is the first episode where Kriss takes a plane trip to Toronto to met up with Drew Bezanson and to hit Joy Ride 150 and some other skateparks and street spots around the area. Kriss picked four riders to ride with, so that mean there will be three more episodes dropping in the near future.
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Tyler Warehouse Ft. Drew Bezanson, Tristan McClain and Morgan Wade

Even if big names are mentioned in the title, this piece isn’t the craziest, but it sure is technical as hell and will definitely make you go wow, if not before, that at the end. Drew Bezanson, Tristan McClain and Morgan Wade all having fun at Tyler Texas warehouse.
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Kriss Kyle – Riding Shotgun Trailer

Kriss Kyle and Red Bull are starting a new series called Riding Shotgun, where Kriss teams up with Drew Bezanson, Simone Barraco, Dennis Enarson and Chase Hawk and hit four spots around the globe to shred bikes and have fun. This is just the trailer and it looks like it is going to be awesome and fun.
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2013 Dew Tour Streetstyle Finals Highlights

For all of us who missed the live stream of the 2013 Dew Tour San Francisco Streetstyle contest, here are now video highlights featuring first six finalists, Chad Kerley, Ty Morrow, Scotty Cranmer, Drew Bezanson, Garrett Reynolds and Van Homan. The course was unreal for one more year and the riders nailed down plenty of goodness. Chad really murdered every object he hit.
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2013 Dew Tour Streetstyle Results And Videos

If you ask me the Streestyle contest at the Dew Tour in San Francisco is such a good addition to the whole event, with an amazing and unique course riders get a chance to get as creative as they want. Above, below and after the jump you will find five videos from runs from Chad Kerley, Ty Morron, Scotty Cranmer, Drew Bezanson and Garrett Reynolds and if you scroll down, you will also get the finals result. Just amazing.

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Dew Tour Downhill / Streetstyle Practice

They once again built an amazing course for the Dew Tour Downhill/Streestyle contest down the Harrison Street in San Francisco and here are video highlights from the practice featuring Ty Morrow, Tony Hamlin, Morgan Wade, Gary Young, Chad Kerley and Drew Bezanson. Just amazing.
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A Private Dew Tour Dirt Session

A private session went down at the dirt course of Dew Tour San Francisco and Ride BMX was there to capture all the best moments and threw them together in this dope video. Riding from Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey, Mark Mulville, Anthony Napolitan, Kevin Peraza, Vince Byron and more.
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Shadow Conspiracy – Drew Bezanson’s Sano Brake Line Promo

We’ve seen Sano brake line from The Shadow Conspiracy already, but now lets hear it from owner, Drew Bezanson, personally. Along with all the details you will also get a good amount of Drew’s crazy wild riding from all over the world, Barcelona, California and Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania. Filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick.
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Woodward West – Monday Night Pro Dirt Session

Week nine at the Woodward West kicked off with a proper night session over at the trails with Dennis Enarson, Drew Bezanson, Kris Fox, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Jake Kinney and Morgan Wade plus campers. With a crew as heavy as this one is, there is no doubt the session wild be wild and crazy.
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Drew Bezanson Bike Check

Make your way over to The Shadow Conspiracy web site to check out what Drew Bezanson is currently riding. He built himself up a fresh new white DK team setup along with pretty much Shadow parts only.