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Red Bull Framed Reactions Action Clip

This past weekend, Saturday, June 8th, 2013, worlds best 16 riders compete at the Red Bull Framed Reactions contest in Amsterdam, Netherlands and here is one of the first clips from the day. The course is, um, unreal? next level? from another planet? Watch Daniel Sandoval, Harry Main, Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey, Ben Wallace and more shredding the course. Amazing.
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Red Bull Framed Reactions Results

The Red Bull Framed Reactions that took place in Amsterdam yesterday is over and I am pretty sure everyone who watched were blown away by the course design and pulled tricks. The first place went to Canadian, Drew Bezanson, second to Ben Wallace and third place to Pat Casey. Now lets wait for the first video highlights to drop.

Drew Bezanson Shadow Conspiracy Ad

Drew Bezanson pulling a barspin off a tower at the announcing tower at the Orlando BMX track for Shadow Conspiracy’s latest print ad to promote his signature Sano brakes. Shot by Spenser Lee on the last Shadow trip to Florida.

Red Bull Performance Camp 2013 Highlights

We already posted a video from the Red Bull Performance Camp 2013, the extended version, and here is another one, the highlights version. This is really amazing seeing all the world top pro riders training and not only riding their bikes, but yes, there is a serious amount of crazy moves in here from Mike “Hucker” Clark, Drew Bezanson, Ryan Guettler, Daniel Sandoval, Tyler Fernengel and others.
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Drew Bezanson Bike Check

The Drew, the Bezanson is showing you his red DK Team setup, built using mostly Shadow Conspiracy parts up on the Shadow site. Go and check it out, if you would like to find out what parts Drew has on his bike along with some closeup shots.

Red Bull Performance Camp 2013

Red Bull invited their top BMX athletes to Drew Bezanson’s local spot, the Joyride 150, for a week of shredding their bikes and training their bodies. I think each and every BMX rider out there should do at least one more sport besides riding his bike, because after a month, or two, you will see how faster you will start progressing on BMX and also something very important, there will be less injuries. Watch Drew Bezanson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Daniel Dhers, Corey Bohan, Anthony Napolitan, Daniel Sandoval, Tyler Fernengel and Anthony Perrin as they enjoy the week.
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X Games Brazil – Park, Dirt & Big Air Highlights

The 2013 X Games in Brazil are over and here are the highlights from the park, dirt and big air contests. You will be seeing madness from Kyle Baldock, Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Brandon Dosch, Zack Warden, Vince Byron, Chad Kagy and more.

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Shadow Conspiracy Simple Session 2013 Commercial

40 seconds long Shadow Conspiracy commercial that ran during the Simple Session 2013 contest and live broadcast featuring Simone Barraco, Trey Jones, Seth Kimbrough, Ben Hucke, Scott Ditchburn, Johnny Devlin, Drew Bezanson, Lahsaan Kobza and Paul Ryan.
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Drew Bezanson Of Fox Footwear

Drew Bezanson will be riding no more for For Footwear, but he will still ride for Fox. This definitely means Drew has something new going on around a shoes sponsor. We will keep you updated.

Drew Bezanson Mini Ramp Session

While spending some time in Oregon, during the Just For Fun tour, Drew Bezanson hit up the Josh Clemen’s backyard mini ramp, set a GoPro on his helmet and get a session done. Not one of those insane Bezanson edits, but still worth taking a watch, especially because of the last move.
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