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Skullcandy – Island Fever Teaser

Skullcandy sent Rob Wise, Drew Bezanson and Mike “Hucker” Clark along with Justin Kosman behind the lens, for a week out on the north shore of Hawaii to ride, surf and have fun. The full edit is dropping soon and I am sure all of you will get really stoked after watching the teaser.

The Athlete Machine – Red Bull Kluge

This is absolutely amazing and I assure you that it will blow you away. Red Bull took some of their best athletes and combined them with this complex machinery for this Red Bull Kluge project. I don’t know how long it took them to coordinate everything without a single mistake, because this looks so amazing and so clean and perfect. Featuring Sean MacCormac, Joey Brezinski, Rickie Fowler, Danny MacAskill, Ryan Sheckler, Drew Bezanson, Bryce Menzies, Rhys Millen, Robbie Maddison, Lolo Jones and Pat Moore.
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DK – Drew Bezanson End Of Summer

To end the summer with an edit, DK Bicycles’ Drew Bezanson teamed up with Mike King over the summer, visiting all bunch of different spots in Austin, Texas, T1 Ramps, House Park, Tom Dugan’s backyard ramp and some streets. This isn’t one of those crazy and insane edits, that Drew is usually putting out, but he still throws down some amazing stuff in style.
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Red Bull Skylines Official Highlights

And here we have it now, the official video highlights from yesterday’s Red Bull Skylines contest, that went down at Grand Palais in Paris, France. What to say, the course was unbelievable, huge, massive, ridiculous, you name it and all the riders who were competing were going crazy. There was some crashes, but I think all, Coleborn and Charveron, are OK, overall, this was next level. Featuring Ryan Nyquist, Maxime Charveron, Michael Beran, Daniel Sandoval, Daniel Dhers, Drew Bezanson and more.
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Red Bull Skylines Practice Highlights

Red Bull Skylines Practice a BMX video by freedombmx

Now here is the first real edit from the Red Bull Skylines practice that is currently happening in Paris, France featuring Drew Bezanson, Dennis Enarson, Daniel Sandoval, Kriss Kyle, Alex Coleborn, Kevin Kalkoff, Ryan Nyquist and more. The course for this contest is completely insane.
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Drew Bezanson Bike Check

This is great. Drew Bezanson will be raffling the bike he rode at 2012 Dew Tour Ocean City through the Athlete Recovery Found and all proceeds will be donated to Brett “Mad Dog” Banasiewicz’s recovery. Until more infos to drop, take a peek at his bike on The Shadow Conspiracy site.

New Shadow Conspiracy Seats Available Now

The all new signature Shadow Conspiracy Penumbra seats from Ben Hucke, Drew Bezanson and Simone Barraco are available now. All these came in mid and slim version. Now go get your hands on your favorite one.

Drew Bezanson Ramp Session

Ride posted a little while ago that they have an edit in the works with number 1 ramp ride Drew Bezanson and here it is now. They met with Drew at Ben Snowden’s house, where he throw down some amazing riding. Maybe not as crazy as I first thought it will be, but it’s great to see this crazy rider getting stuff like this pull. Not to mention, there sure are some wild backflip combos in here.
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How To Fufanu With Drew Bezanson

For all you who are still riding with brakes and want to learn a fufanu on a quarter pipe or sub box, Drew Bezanson is here for you. Watch the how to above, where Drew gives his best to give you all the tips and infos before learning a fufanu. Seen on Ride.
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Bikes Over Baghdad Trailer

“This isn’t a typical action sports film of guys doing insane tricks in remote locations (though it has that), this isn’t a story about the sacrifices our soldiers make day in and day out (though that is in there as well), and this isn’t a story of a group of friends going on an adventure (though, again, there is that). This is a story about what happens when people give for the good of others. When people put their own safety aside to make someone’s life a little better, and how selflessness can change lives.
Bikes over Baghdad ended up traveling to the middle east six seperate times with each tour roughly two weeks in length. We faced extreme conditions, mortar rounds, IED’s, injury, exhaustion and more, but we never missed a show. And while our team read like a who’s who of action sports, egos were put aside and nothing short of a series of miracles were performed.
It seems like a stretch to say riding BMX bikes for the troops could actually change their lives, but this film will show just how special of an experience this was for thousands serving in the Middle East, and hopefully it’ll serve as a reminder that we all have the power to initiate change in our own unique way.
This is Bikes over Baghdad.”
– Christian Schauf
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