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2012 NORA Cup Winners

And we have the winners of the 2012 NORA Cup awards.
The Number one ramp rider is Drew Bezanson, Number one dirt jumper is Mike “Hucker” Clark, Number one flatlander is Yohei Uchino, Number one street rider is Garrett Reynolds (above), Number one racer is Sam Willoughby, Number one video part went to Dave Thompson and Number one video is Killjoy and Reader’s choice award for Rider of the year goes to Chad Kerley. Congrats to all of you.
(Photo taken from TCU’s Instagram)

Wizard Of Aus: Night Riding And SoCal Park Hunting – Episode 11

In the eleventh episode of Corey Bohan’s Red Bull “Wizard Of Aus” he hit Heath Pinter’s trails for a night session with Dave Dillewaard and Heath Pinter, to shot for an upcoming Unit ad to promote his line of clothing. Corey also gives a little tribute to some of his favorite riders of all time, Kris Bennett, Chris Doyle, TJ Lavin, Mike Aitken and Brian Foster. After that he visits a couple of southern California’s skateparks where he is joined by Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Anthony Napolitan, Dave Dillewaard, Drew Bezanson and Brian Hunt.
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Red Bull Master Skylines Trailer

RedBull Master Skylines Lachose a BMX video by garfact

If the previous edit didn’t show a thing what is going on with Drew Bezanson, Nate Wessel and Red Bull in Paris, France, this one shows a little more. This thing/contest/event/something-something is definitely going to be crazy.
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The Shadow Conspiracy Goes To Woodward

It sure is not every day you can ride with The Shadow Conspiracy’s Lahsaan Kobza, Trey Jones, Drew Bezanson, Scott Ditchburn and Alistair Whitton all at the same time, but there was a day when some lucky camper had this chance. So awesome to see so many different styles all at one palce, killing it hard. Enjoy.
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Bezanson, Dhers & Godziek At Baltic Games 2012

Ryys put together an edit from the Baltic Games 2012 that went down in Gdansk, Poland a few weeks back, featuring Drew Bezanson, Daniel Dhers and David Godziek going through the trainings, qualifying and finals of the contest along with having some fun during the weekend.
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How To Backflip Over Hips With Drew Bezanson

“Drew Bezanson breaks down how to backflip a hip so you can take your BMX backflip flyouts to the next level. After you master the flyout flip, Drew says you have all the elements and when you take it to a hip the only thing that really changes is you line of sight. Unlike a regular backflip that leaves you looking at the sky for a second, the backflip on a hip allows you to look to your side and always spot your landing. Listen to Drew Bezanson break down the finer point to backflipping a hip in the Step By Step.”Alli
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Drew Bezanson Is Looking For A Spot In Paris

It looks like Red Bull will be hostin a very unusual BMX event in the heart of the Paris, France, but no more info about it yet, just that on September 17th we will get the first clue. Watch Drew Bezanson and Nate Wessel cruising around the Paris, searching for a spot where the thing will go down.
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No Name Tour 2012

Santiago Munoz, Minus, Shapol, Ardilla, Firu, Drew Bezanson, Brian Yeagle, Clint Reynolds and some Columbian locals were all part of the No Name Tour 2012. That uy Shapol has such an awesome style.

Baltic Games 2012 Final Results

2012 Baltic Games that took place in Gdansk, Poland are over and here we have final results from the BMX contest. Tons and tons of great stuff was pulled like double backflips, crazy truck driver drop from Drew Bazenson (almost pulled), decades, 360 triple barspin and so much more. The best Polish rider was Rafal Kierc and there was also some money prizes for best trick contest, sponsored by AVE BMX. Now you want to know who won, who was second and third at the contest, right? First place went to no other than Drew Bezanson, second to Harry Main and third to Daniel Dhers.

Fox – Drew Bezanson Split Presonality

Fox’s Drew Bezanson talking about his passion for MX and BMX, what is the perfect day for him and how he finally moved to California and sleeping in his own bed, along with that he does some proper MX shredding and completely killing the Unit B bowl. Last clip is, um…, insane?
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