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Dew Tour – BMX Pros Break Down The Park Competition

“Head to Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland to hear from Brett Banasiewicz, Kyle Baldock, Scotty Cranmer, Drew Bezanson, Andy Buckworth and Ryan Nyquist as they take you through the BMX Park competition. From the new course, to what each of these guys bring to the table and what to take away from the new Dew Tour, take it from the pros as they take you Inside BMX.”Alli
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Inside Look – BMX Park At The Pantech Beach Championships Part 3

Part 3 of Dew Tour’s Inside Look shows the highlights from the semi-finals at the Pantech Beach Championships in Ocean City, MD featuring Drew Bezanson, Harry Main, Daniel Sandoval, Pat Casey, Chad Kerley, Andy Buckworth, Gary Young, Scotty Cranmer and more.
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Inside Look – BMX Park At The Pantech Beach Championships Part 2

Here is the second part of the inside look at the Dew Tour Ocean City park design with Pat Casey, Brett Banasiewicz, Harry Main, Drew Bezanson, Rob Darden, Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds and more. If you missed the first part, click here.
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Dew Tour Ocean City Park Semi-Finals Results

Scotty Cranmer came first at the semi-finals at Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland followed by Brett Banasiewicz, Ryan Nyquist, Kyle Baldock, Daniel Sandoval, Harry Main, Andy Buckworth, Gary Young, Chad Kerley, Pat Casey and Drew Bezanson.

Dew Tour Ocean City Park Prelims Highilghts

Highlights from Dew Tour Park in Ocean City, Maryland featuring Ryan Nyquist, Kyle Baldock, Daniel Sandoval, Harry Main, Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey and Brett Banasiewicz. It is crazy how good park riding became, I am sure judges had a hard work judging all these riders.
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Ocean City Dew Tour Park Prelim Results

The Dew Tour park prelim in Ocean City is over with Brett Banasiewicz taking the first spot with his consistency, Pat Casey on second place and Drew Bezanson taking the third. Eleven riders, our of 26, advanced to semi-finals, find who they are after the jump.
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Ocean City Dew Tour Park & Vert Prelims Edit

Ocean City Dew Tour Vert + Park Prelims – More BMX Videos

Crazy park and vert riding at Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland featuring Garrett Reynolds, Drew Bezanson, Ryan Nyquist, Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron, Chad Kerley, Harry Main, Brett Banasiewicz, Dennis McCoy, Daniel Sandoval, Zack Warden and many more.
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Drew Bezanson In Nova Scotia

“Drew Bezanson once thought growing up in Nova Scotia was a crutch to his BMX riding and progression, now he appreciates everything that it taught him when it comes to taking a unique approach to ride whatever lies in front of you.
Nowadays, Drew has taken that unique eye and applied it to everything he does on his bike. Progressing through trial and error is what keeps Drew excited about riding because, “there is no limit to it, and there is no right or wrong way to do it.”
Take a ride with Drew Bezanson through his Canadian stomping grounds and get the first peak into his wooded compound at his best friend’s house, the S.O.F. — Sanctuary Of Fun — for a glimpse of what Drew has in store for the future of BMX in this Alli Show.”
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Nate Richter’s Iphone Edit

Nate Richter’s put his iPhone in use and filmed some stuff from Kareem Williams, Dave Jacobs , Drew Bezanson, Mario Carrasco, Mario Gorman, Dom Roark, Nate Richter, Garret Reynolds, Eric lichtenberger, Josh Delcour, Morgan Long and more for The Union. Enjoy.

Red Bull Team At X Games 18

Red Bull athletes Garrett Reynolds, Bruno Hoffmann, Simone Barraco, Drew Bezanson, Daniel Dhers, Bas Keep and Kevin Robinson talking about the X Games 18 along with the clips from street, park and big air.
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