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Lil Pros UK Tour – Pregaming W/ Troy Hayward, George Batty And Max Carley

This is some kind of a trailer Dustin Grice came out with for the Lil Pros UK Tour, that is happening February 7 to 9. There some really solid riding at the Prevail skatepark with Troy Hayward, George Batty and Max Carley. Kids these days.
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UK Lil Pros BMX Tour

Dustin Grice and crew are back with another version of the Lil Pros BMX Tour, this time they are doing it in the UK. Little shredders, aged from 10 to 14, will start the tour Friday 7 February and end it Sunday February 9. For more info check the flyer above or hit their web site.

Lil Pros BMX Tour Part 2 – San Diego And Orange County

Here is the second part of the “Lil Pros BMX Tour”, where all these little shredders headed to San Diego and Orange County to ride ramps and to have fun. Dustin Grice and the crew made an awesome job to make this trip happen. It is so awesome seeing all these kids shredding and killing it.
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Introducing The Factory 3.0

Indoor ramp facility in Minneapolis, The Factory, got renovated to the 3.0 version and here is promotional video Dustin Grice and friends put together to show you this amazing place. Winter is coming so The Factory is place to be to avoid cold days.

Carrie’s Secret Garden – Ben Polaschek’s Backyard Trails

Dustin Grice recently hit the Carrie’s secret garden, or with other words Ben Polaschek’s backyard trails setup and home. They took a tour around the house, did some jokes and filmed some riding clips from Ben Polaschek, Colton Walker, Jay Schlie, Glenn Dussl, Nick Lucas and more. This is funny and if you wanna take a break from all the madness going on lately, seat back, relax and enjoy in this piece.
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Props Issue 65 – QBP Roadtrip

Definitely stoked on this new one from Props. They uploaded the QBP Roadtrip section from the Props Issue 65 featuring Adam Banton, Cal Burgslaher, Eric Holley, Darrin Treanor, Eric Engstrom, Jay Schilie, Tony Mortenson, Karl Poynter, Dustin Grice, Mark Mulville, Tony Hamlin and Steve Crandall, who took the van for a tour across Texas.
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William Gennett – Backflip Suicide Triple Barspin

They call him Backflip Billy but William Gennett is his real name and yes, he is no stranger to pulling sick backflip combination, like the backflip suicide triple barspin for example. This is nuts. Filmed by Dustin Grice at this indoor ramp setup called The Factory.
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Dylan Pfohl – 2013 Mix

Dylan Pfohl moved to California in 2012 and since living there full time he got himself in several projects and here is a quick recap of some of the best moments he captured on his camera. Featuring Anthony Napolitan, Mike Payne, Chris Hughes, Matt Cordova, Dustin Grice, Jaie Toohey, Shaun Butler, Kris Fox, Larry Edgar, Big Daddy, Aj Anaya and many more.

The Kitchen Jam 2013 – Best Trick Highlights

One more highlights from the second annual The Kitchen skatepark Best Trick contest, featuring Tyler Fernengel, Daniel Sandoval, Dustin Grice, Glenn Salyers and Rob Armour. The 540 bar was insane.
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The Kitchen Contest 2013 – Finals And Best Trick Highlights

One more highlights video from the finals and best trick of the second annual The Kitchen contest. Featuring AJ Anaya, Daniel Sandoval, Tyler Fernengel, Vince Byron, Victor Salazar, Alex Landeros, Dustin Grice and more. Riders sure went crazy with all those insane tricks. Enjoy.
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