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Hoffman Bikes – Dylan Sparkman Summer 2013 Edit

Dylan Sparkman recently made the move to Oregon, where he built himself up a fresh new Hoffman Bikes Lady Luck (Ben Hennon’s signature) setup and teamed up with Felipe Gonzalez, hit the Bay Area and filmed clips for this new summer 2013 edit. Like always good and solid stuff from Sparkman.
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We Out Here Mix 2

Felipe Gonzalez still had some clip on his old camera from the We Out Here crew and decided it is time to put them together before it is too late. Featuring riding from Casey Barnes, CJ Arnold, Dylan Sparkman, Ryan Wood, Eric Mesta, Marcos Revuelta, Brendan Bbertolini, Ty Callias, Aaron Bartlett and Felipe Gonzalez. Last truck is huge.
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Lil’ Mikey Beeswax – Spring 2013 Mix

Mike Bronzi just hit me up with this super sweet spring 2013 mix edit that he dropped in the name of Lil’ Mikey Beeswax and features riding from Tomy Prince, Mikey Bronzi himself, Jay Gallaher, Jordan Murdock, Mario Alanso, Julio Tating and Dylan Sparkman.
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W.O.H. Productions Mix – We Out Here

Three minutes long mix edit that was made by Felipe Gonzalez and featuring riding from Joey Cobbs, Dylan Sparkman, Kurt Russell, Brendan Bbertolini, Kyle Frazier, Tristan Adams, Caleb Quanbeck, John Ivers, Joel Husley, Felipe Gonzalez himself, Ryan Wood and Eric Mesta.

Plaza Mix

All bunch of awesome concrete skatepark shredding around SoCal from Sean Morr, Lance Dudley, Kris Marcum, Timmy Theus, Dylan Sparkman and Shawn McIntosh. Peep it.

I Can’t Stop Trailer 2

Shane McLellan dropped the second trailer for a video he has been working on called I Can’t Stop. All I can say is that I can not wait for this one to drop, because it features some really good riding from Chris Bracamonte, Paul Barnum, Aber Lizama, Glen Girbovan, Quincy Dean, Dylan Sparkman, Matt Petrissans and more.
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Cali Mixtape 2.0

Cali Mixtape 2.0 – More BMX Videos

A really good mix of skatepark and street riding from LA to the Bay from Jared Eberwein, Sean Morr, David Canary, Dylan Sparkman, Tom Villarreal and Chris Bracamonte. These edits that have all, tech moves, air moves and coping moves are pretty enjoyable.
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How To 180 Smith To 180 Smith With Dylan Sparkman

If you want to get technical with grinds and you just master your 180s and smith grinds, Dylan Sparkman is here for you to teach you how to pull a 180 smith to 190 smith on a flat ledge. Now go out, find a foot high ledge and start practicing this combo.
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Oklahoma Mix

James Anderson has been filming a lot lately and gathered enough footage from his friends to put together this sweet Oklahoma street and skatepark mix edit. Featuring James himself, Dylan Sparkman, Jeremie Infelise, Dravin Hallford, Matt Hildebrand, Stephen Hochstetler and Cody Anderson.
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Dylan Sparkman Bike Check

Hoffman Bikes posted a bike check with Dylan Sparkman, that they shot while he visited them earlier this month. Click here, check out what parts Dylan is currently riding, two more close up photos and one action.