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New Eastern Bikes Web Site

I haven’t seen any news up on Eastern Bikes web site for a while now and look, they were working on a page update which just went live. Cruise over there to their web site and check the completely renovated web site.

Interbike 2013 By ESPN

A recap from the Interbike 2013, made by ESPN’S Aaron Nardi. Aaron takes you inside the show and gives you a quick look what brands like Shadow Conspiracy, Cult, Eastern Bikes, Sunday Bikes, S&M Bikes and other have to offer. I am still really siked about the whole Cult and The Simpsons collaboration.

Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 3

More from Interbike 2013 by people over at Ride BMX. This time here you have new products from Trip, Eastern Bikes, Animal Bikes and Tree Bikes. Ty Morrow shows you new T-shirt designs, Adam Banton the eight version of the Grim Ripper frame, Tyrone Williams the new top load stem from Animal Bikes and Sam Schulte explains the new 20mm hub and fork combo. Find more after the jump.
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Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX Part 2

Volume at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Volume Bikes
Here is more from this year’s Interbike show, brought to you by Vital BMX. Find out what is new in store from Volume Bikes, S&M Bikes, Diamondback, Stranger, Hyper and Eastern Bikes after the jump and start saving money for all the new cool stuff you will buy for your bike. I am really looking forward to see the big fat S&M Bikes Mainline tire in person, because this thing is monstrous.
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Leigh Ramsdell Off Eastern Bikes

OK, something big is going on over at Eastern Bikes at the moment. Leigh Ramsdell was with Eastern since 2000, first at heir professional team rider and later as team managed and finally media creator, but now he is parting ways with them. Does this means Leigh is starting something new? Is he taking Karl Poynter and Zach Rogers with him also? Read word from Leigh and Mike Corley about the situation over on their site.

Zach Rogers Off Eastern Bikes And Ezra

It looks like something is going on over at Eastern Bikes and Ezra. First Karl Poynter and now Zach Rogers. Read below what Zach has to say about partying ways with his sponsors.
“After many years under the EBIUS roof, I have decided it is time to part ways. Unfortunately, I felt like the brands and I were moving in different directions. I would like to thanks Mike Corley, Jon Byres and everyone at Eastern and Ezra. I have a ton of good memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Currently, I don’t have anything lined up, but I’m excited to see what the future has in store!”

Karl Poynter Off Eastern Bikes And Ezra

It looks like Karl Poynter will be parting ways with his sponsors Eastern Bikes and Ezra. I didn’t new this one will happen, read more from Karl himself below.
“I will be parting ways with both Eastern Bikes and Ezra. Over the past couple of years you ma have noticed a lot of cutbacks and changes happening under the Eastern roof. Unfortunately, all of that has caused it to be impossible for Eastern/Ezra and I to continue to work together. I felt very invested in these brands through all the good and the bad. Some of the changes and decisions made with the brands were not always in line with the direction I had hoped for or expected, but a rider can only have so much control. I can also say that the past four years I’ve had experiences I’ll never forget with traveling the world, meeting new friends, hanging with the team and working on a few signature products. It’s been a fun ride and I am thankful to have been part of it. As this door closes, I’m excited to move to the next. I’d like to say thanks to all of you out there who continue to support me in what I do. It really means a lot! Whit this news being unexpected and with no warning, I currently do not have any frame or parts sponsors lined up at this time.”

Nick NiGeroloma Off Eastern Bikes

Nick DiGeroloma and Eastern Bikes parted ways today. No more info where Nick is going next, but read below what they have to say about it.
“Nick DiGeroloma and Eastern Bikes are parting ways. Nick is an incredible rider and awesome person who kicked ass promoting Eastern and BMX in general. We wish Nick the best and can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves next. Thanks for everything Nick!”– Eastern Bikes
“It was a great opportunity to get to ride for Eastern Bikes. I had a lot of good time and met some great people from it. Thanks to everyone who helped me out, especially Leigh Ramsdell.“- Nick DiGeroloma

Eastern Bikes Mega Tour 9 Remix

Eastern Bikes did a remix of their Mega Tour 9 from back in 2009, where they sent Adam Banton, Eric Holley, Phil Jones, Karl Poynter and Leigh Ramsdell on a trip from Chicago to Minneapolis hitting different spots on the way. I need to say that I really miss Eric Holley and his riding, this dude was/is killing it so hard.
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Zachery Rogers Bike Check

We have seen the Eastern Bikes prototype frame in oil slick colorway, now we got a chance to check it how it looks build up. Zachery Rogers is the lucky guy who has this bike and you deffo need to check more photos of this dialed rig.