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2012 Jacksonville Commons Skatepark Jam

“A few weeks back Eastern Bikes headed to Jacksonville, North Carolina for the Commons Skatepark Jam put on by The Bicycle Gallery. The goal was to get one day a week dedicated to bikes. This park has been around for ten years with out a bike touching the place. Well the jam was a success and bikes are now allowed two days a week. The locals are pumped and we were glad to go out and support the cause. The park is really fun so if you are ever in the area hit it up and stop by The Bicycle Gallery and say hi.”Eastern Bikes

Eastern Bikes – Jost perry At Rye Airfield

When Josh Perry spent a little of his time back home, he met up with Liam Crivellaro, hit up the Rye Airfield in the after hours and managed to film this great edit for Eastern Bikes. Josh is battling with cancer, so have him in your thoughts.
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Josh Perry Interview / Battle With Cancer

Leigh Ramsdell made an interview with one of their riders Josh Perry, who has been battling with cancer. Read below what Leigh has to say about it and then head over to Eastern Bikes site to read the interview.
“I think my favorite thing about being a Team Manager is how well you get to know a rider and become great friends with them. Getting to know Josh Perry has been such an awesome experience and I now I call him a close friend. It definitely sucked when I heard that his tumor came back. But in true Josh fashion he was so up beat and positive about it all. I seriously am so impressed with his outlook on everything. Josh and I did this interview to shine a little more light on what is happening with him. Josh is going in tomorrow to get a procedure done that will hopefully take care of everything. Send positive thoughts his way!”– Leigh Ramsdell

How To Footjam Tooth With Josh Perry

“Eastern’s Josh Perry shows you how to get technical with a Footjam Toothpick. Josh gives you pointers on how to get this done and then shows you a few combos involving the Footjam Tooth. He also wants you to hit him up on his social networks if you need more pointers or want to show him what you learned.”Eastern Bikes
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Kelly Bolton Off Eastern Bikes – Farewell Edit

Kelly Bolton and his long time sponsor Easter Bikes have parted ways. This is the farewell edit that Leigh Ramsdell put together from the time when Kelly spent on the team.
“Today I am sad to announce that Eastern and Kelly Bolton are parting ways. We definitely shared some great adventures together and I will miss going on trips with him. He has almost as many costumes as I do. I am honored to have gotten to know Kelly through the years and even more so to be able to call him a friend. I put together this farewell video from his time here. Kelly picked the song so don’t read into it too much. I am looking forward to see what Kelly has up his sleeves next.”– Leigh Ramsdell
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New Eastern 2013 Hi-End Products

Eastern Bikes is proud to announce that they just received some of their 2013 Hi-End products, like the new Slayer forks, Tranny bars, Josh Perry’s signature seat, Karl Poynter’s version two of his signature bar and more. Check them out in the flipbook above.

Adam Banton Video Bike Check

Adam Banton runs you through his current setup and pulls a few moves for this new video bike check that Eastern Bikes just dropped.
“Adam Banton is known for doing his own thing. He sets his bike up like he wants to and rides his own way. Take a look at his set up and watch a few moves that he throws down as he goes through everything that is on his bike.”
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How To Get Bowlegged With Leigh Ramsdell

“When we first started filming for Eastern’s Death of Fun video I was pumped to put out a full section. But on our very first filming trip I decided to break my hip on a feeble attempt. I swear it made me a little more bowlegged. So that kids, is how you get more bowlegged. Try to feeble a ledge, knock yourself out and break your hip. Three easy steps. Don’t try this at home. I included a few warm up clips that we filmed prior. Richard Pryor.”– Leigh Ramsdell, Eastern Bikes
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Jeremy Gallant Video Bike Check

“Adam Banton recently went to Canada to do a demo with Jeremy Gallant. He brought along his camera and filmed Jeremy riding his local parks as well as his bike. Here is a little run down of the Eastern product that Jeremy runs.”Eastern Bikes
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Eastern Bikes – Josh Perry / Nick DiGeroloma India Flipbook

Here is a flipbook that shows you Josh Perry’s and Nick Digeroloma’s India experience. These two Eastern Bikes shredders got a chance and went there for some shows and while over there also shot a bunch of lifestyle and tourist photos. Flip through it above.