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Eastern Bikes – Douglas Leite Aka Doguete

“Nicolas Fratta from Brazil sent us this edit of Eastern rider, Douglas Leite, also known as Doguete. Take a look as he rides his local park in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Doguete can go big and then switch it to tech in a second. Check it out…
Filmed and Edited by: Nicolas Fratta.”
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Eastern Bikes – Zach Rogers “Death Of Fun” Remix

“Zach Rogers has been killing it for a long time now. Eastern’s Death of Fun video part shows that. But instead of just showing it to you again we wanted to do a little remix. Watch it, get stoked then go ride!”Eastern Bikes
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10 Questions With Kelly Bolton

Eastern Bikes got a new 10 Questions interview for all of us, this time with Kelly Bolton. Click here and read about LAX Films, injured leg, his top five places that he traveled to, Sasquatch and more.

Eastern Bikes – Josh Perry & Nick DiGeroloma In Greenville

Eastern Bikes: Josh Perry and Nick DiGeroloma in Greenville – More BMX Videos

Really dope mix edit featuring Eastern Bikes riders Josh Perry and Nick DiGeroloma riding park and street around Greenville, North Carolina. Amazing moves, tech stuff, big tricks and more. These two can ride just everything.
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Eastern Bikes – Friday Flashback Leigh Ramsdell Early 2000’s

“In the Early 2000’s Leigh Ramsdell was traveling around hitting different spots all over the USA. Here is what he had to say about this old edit; “I wasn’t filming for anything in particular. Actually I was usually filming someone else and would see something that looked fun and ride it. After a few years I had these random clips sitting around so we made this little edit. I sure do love riding bikes”. Enjoy this Friday Flick #Flashback of the Eastern Bikes TM.”Eastern Bikes
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Eastern Bikes – Nick DiGeroloma “I Think I Can” Edit

“Nick DiGeroloma sent me over this edit and asked what I thought. I was smiling after the first clip. This video is real fun and filled with some real difficult moves. The title of the video came came from the fact that these is a can-can in every line. So press play and we hope you have as much fun watching as Nick did riding in it.”Eastern Bikes
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Josh Perry Interview

Eastern Bikes asked Josh Perry ten questions like how was filming for The Hunt part, what BMX websites he visits most often, what are his top five songs that he likes to ride to, top five places that he traveled to and more. Get the answers here.

Eastern – Adam Banton NC Summer Vacation

“Adam Banton headed to North Carolina this summer for a little bit of BMX, humidity and hanging with some friends. He got to meet up and ride with Zach Rogers, Josh Perry, Phil Jones, Seamus McKeon, Leigh Ramsdell and more NC locals. They showed him around their local spots through out the Tar Heel State. It was a hot one but everyone had a great time and this video is what transpired.”Eastern Bikes
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Adam Banton NC Summer Vacation

Eastern Bikes has a cool article up on their site from Adam Banton’s summer trip to North Carolina with pictures and words from Adam himself. Make sure you check back on Friday when we will post the edit up.

Eastern Bikes Inside / Out LA

“Kelly Bolton invites outsiders Eric Holley and Adam Banton inside his LA home scene. Check it out as these guys from the Eastern Bikes team shred up some spots in Los Angeles, California.”Eastern Bikes
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